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Cowboys Pursuing Both Sparano & Haley?

Jerry Jones hinted there might be some changes to the coaching staff during his regular radio appearance yesterday.

"We'll give you better answers on that as we go over the next three weeks," Jones told The Fan 105.3, indicating that changes could occur during the Senior Bowl later this month. "That's pretty much the way I'll leave it."

Adam Schefter on ESPN this morning reported that the Jets and Cowboys are both interested in Tony Sparano and want to add him to their coaching staffs. That's a little more concrete than we've heard so far, although Sparano's name has been linked to the Cowboys for a while. So far, the thinking has been that both Tony Sparano and Todd Haley could be among the list of candidates for the Cowboys, should the Cowboys be looking for an offensive coordinator.

Sparano would be a great addition to beef up the running game, Todd Haley would be a great addition for the passing game. Both coaches have coached and had success in Dallas before, and hiring either of the two would be a good move by the Cowboys. But here's a surprising development: Earlier today, Adam Shefter tweeted that Sparano and Haley might be available as tag-team:

"Tony Sparano and Todd Haley have discussed joining forces in 2012 with Sparano coaching run game, Haley pass game, as they did in Dallas."

Jerry Jones has never been shy about paying his coaches top dollar, and that may just be what it'll take to get the Sparano/Haley tag-team to Dallas. Only one of the two can get the title of offensive coordinator, while the other would be relegated to an assistant role - unless the Cowboys were to get really creative with their coaching titles.

So what's your take on a potential Sparano/Haley tag-team in Dallas?

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