KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #8 Update

KD, I feel your pain. Twice last season, I carried perfect 9-for-9s into my final game. Both times, I had the Cowboys (vs. Cardinals and Giants). Both times, I was disappointed - by the Cowboys losing, and by missing out on 10-for-10.

This week, KD Drummond was one of three who had survived the early games and was perfect. All he needed was a Cowboys win followed by a 49ers win and he would join his Wing of Honor, only a week after joining his own 10-for-10 Hall of Fame.

For almost a year, mdlusk was the only BTBer who had scored 10-for-10 on two different occasions. Seven joined him last week. He is still the only one to go 10-for-10 twice in the same season, as both of his were in 2011.

KD was about to set history by going 10-for-10 back-to-back. The closest anyone has come to that is 19-for-20. Several did that last season, going 9-for-10 either the week before or after their 10-for-10.

Before I go any farther, I must state for the record (and I already have in recent comments) - I like and admire Mikellie. I like and admire BishopWest. Both have had significant success and presence in KD's 10-for-10 contest. BishopWest was the overall champion in 2010 - the first year of 10-for-10 and before I came on board. He was near the top last year, and has scored 10-for-10 twice. I welcome his presence and assistance, because often, when I am recording picks, I come across something that is wrong (too many picks, too few picks, forgot Cowboys game, picked a game that had kicked off or was completed). Usually, BW has already made a comment about what is wrong. Sometimes, he catches things that I miss, but usually, he catches things before I come along to catch them for myself.

Mikellie accomplished a feat last year that is so remarkable I still gush about it nine months later. KD ran a "playoff version" of 10-for-10 - fewer games, but impossibly difficult. After the wild card weekend was over and the division round matchups were set, the contest began. Pick the four division winners, then pick the conference champions, then pick the Super Bowl champion. Now, this wasn't spread out across a month (pick the division winners one week, pick the conference champions from the division survivors, then pick the Super Bowl champion from the two teams that made the game). No, everyone had to pick all seven winners before the division round began. Most everyone had either New Orleans, Green Bay, San Francisco, or Baltimore winning the Super Bowl. So, those teams' losses messed up their subsequent picks. Mikellie is the only one to get all four division winners right; then with his teams in the conference finals, he picked both winners. He was the only one to even have the Giants in the Super Bowl, and finished a perfect 7-for-7 with their win.

He is also in the new Wing of Champions because that is a more difficult and significant accomplishment than scoring 10-for-10 - like winning a season-long contest.

You probably noticed the back-and-forth sniping this week between the two as many (38 out of 137) picked the Giants to beat the Cowboys. They clearly outlined the two "sides" of Cowboys fans picking games. On the one hand, we are all trying to score as many wins as possible each week, so we pick the team that we think will win each game. On the other hand, we're Cowboys fans and we hope and desire each week to see a Cowboys' victory.

So, when those two perspectives come together - Cowboys fans admitted that they pulled for the Cowboys to win, but picked the Giants in 10-for-10 because they thought that the Giants would win the game - Mikellie was quick to reply "TRAITOR" to every poster who picked the Giants. BishopWest replied, "No traitor here: The object is to pick who you THINK will win, not who you WANT to win!" Mikellie's response was, "And you don't think we can win?", followed by BishopWest's "I think we can, I just don’t think we will."

This went on, and on, and on - on both my FanPost (early picks) and KD's page (later picks). Other people joined in occasionally with their comments, but by and large, Mikellie and BishopWest carried those two banners.

Who was right? Is a Cowboys fan a traitor for picking them to lose on 10-for-10? Please discuss this in the comments. Last year, I was asked to look up our composite record in Cowboys games. Most of us were 8-8 (picked the Cowboys each week, won eight times and lost eight times). The "best" record was qbfannn (now known as Cowboy Baby). He was 14-2 picking the winners of the Cowboys games. Is that an honor or a shame?

With the Cowboys playing on Sunday night at undefeated Atlanta, we may see more of the same this week. We have never had a majority pick the Cowboys to lose a game on 10-for-10. Could this be the week that it happens? I hope not.

I have been consistent when I have weighed in before on this subject. Going back to the 1960s, when the late Frank Glieber hosted "The Tom Landry Show", each show's final segment was a pick-em contest where Glieber and Landry each made predictions on select games each week. The final game each week was the Cowboys game. Landry and Glieber always picked the Cowboys. I pick the Cowboys each week.

After my heartbreak last year, when the Cowboys failed to win at Arizona in regulation and lost in overtime, I commented then that I would rather go 9-for-10 with the Cowboys losing than go 10-for-10 by picking the Cowboys to lose.

Last week, we had two games that were played by all 137 players. I already told you that 99 picked the Cowboys while 38 picked the Giants. The other game that was played by all 137 players? Jacksonville at Green Bay. Our picks? 137-0 Packers.

My final word on this subject - remembering previous Cowboys games in prime time against undefeated teams (Saints and Colts) - I will be picking the Cowboys to win. I actually picked the Eagles to beat them last week, especially since Andy Reid had never lost after a bye (remember last year when we caught them after their bye), and I thought that the Falcons had been lucky earlier in the year and were due for a loss.

Let the Eagles' failure (and may their meltdown continue) become the Cowboys' success. Cowboys will win in Atlanta!

End commentary, begin reports:

We had the same number play this week, stopping the trend of fewer participants each each. We continued to add at least one new player each week.

Week Played This Week Missed This Week Total
1 222 0 222
2 199 44 243
3 177 69 246
4 168 83 251
5 149 104 253
6 147 108 255
7 137 119 256
8 137 120 257

We fell behind the Front Page Writers in the head-to-head competition between their consensus picks and ours. We were one down to them and fell back two more games as they went 10-4 and we only went 8-6 with our consensus picks (the majority who played each game). They got three that we missed (Detroit, Miami, and Indianapolis), while our majority got one right that they missed (Atlanta). We were ahead of them earlier in the season, and can rebound this week.

2012 10-for-10 Consensus vs. Front Page Writers
Week 10-for-10 Wins 10-for-10 Losses Front Page Wins Front Page Losses
1 11 5 11 5
2 8 8 10 6
3 8 8 5 11
4 10 5 10 5
5 10 4 10 4
6 4 10 6 8
7 12 1 12 1
8 8 6 10 4
Total 71 47 74 44

Here's how that 8-6 record broke down in each game:

Week #8 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
137 GREEN BAY Jacksonville 0
131 CHICAGO Carolina 3
123 New England ST. LOUIS 3
99 San Francisco ARIZONA 3
91 DENVER New Orleans 5
80 PITTSBURGH Washington 21
69 Atlanta PHILADELPHIA 23
42 Oakland KANSAS CITY 18
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
38 New York Giants DALLAS 99
9 CLEVELAND San Diego 95
5 Tampa Bay MINNESOTA 76
15 Miami NEW YORK JETS 57
13 Indianapolis TENNESSEE 48
Win Pretty Even (we're indifferent) Lose
30 DETROIT Seattle 37

With no 10-for-10s this week, I nominate KD Drummond as our "player of the week". He and Shakeepuddn were the only two to go 9-for-10 this week. And, KD gained the most ground on the leader, going from four behind to only two.

Congratulations also to D_Carter, a co-leader the past couple of weeks. This week, he is on top alone, extending the bar from 50 to 57. Most everyone this week got either 6 or 7 right. If you got 8 or 9 right, then you gained ground. If you got 6 (like me) or worse, then you dropped back farther into the pack.

One oddity for this week: we have never had anyone go 10-for-10 in a week and fail to return to play the next week. That happened this week, as two of last week's record twenty-six 10-for-10s failed to play this week.

Here are our top scores for the week and the overall leaderboard.

Top Scores This Week
Week #8 Score Week #8 Score Overall Score Overall Score
KD Drummond 9 Specific 7 D_Carter 57 TheDemolitionDan 51
Shakeepuddn 9 starbury_to_s-jaxci2000 7 BishopWest 56 Timmy G 51
bcg08 8 Static 7 CowboyBaby 56 Wittenstar82 51
Ben24626 8 swanhooch 7 ziggy 19 56 Allan Uy 50
BigBad Joe 8 Switters023 7 illcowboy 55 Alpha 50
BishopWest 8 thehogster65 7 j-man 55 Antonio S 50
CapitalT 8 TK19 7 KD Drummond 55 Bellotti's Mustache 50
CowboyBaby 8 Unique 7 Tennessee Jed 55 Benthere 50
Fergie3108 8 WA_Cowboy 7 Ben24626 54 cee-los 50
fs65 8 Wardo83 7 cowboy1966 54 jayrosser27 50
Hawkeye101 8 wittenfan 7 Hawkeye101 54 k@s! 50
Howleyesque 8 Wittenstar82 7 IRONRAVEN 54 MSM33 50
JDobermans 8 ziggy 19 7 krikaley 54 Pasipple 50
jstaubach 8 1Bullseye 6 Rohpuri 54 Rex Pfister 50
Nord15 8 beastygaming 6 slowmotion80 54 Switters023 50
oldboysfan 8 Benthere 6 Travlr 54 TARHEEL PAUL 50
Tennessee Jed 8 cjbrit 6 WA_Cowboy 54 TheBlueBaron 50
Through Thick And Thin 8 connor.cmr 6 Against the Wall-24 53 Uncas 50
Travlr 8 Cowboy Joe 6 Aggie Man 53 bcg08 49
Tunabomber11 8 CowboyinExile 6 BigBad Joe 53 EchoEcho 49
88Deztined46 7 cproctor6 6 boyman 53 jakezze01 49
Against the Wall-24 7 DCB* 6 ChrisMan 53 jockmeister 49
Aggie Man 7 eastbeast 6 Frankster_1 53 scotscowboyfan 49
alfanti 7 EchoEcho 6 hookerhome 53 skinny post 49
Allan Uy 7 Frankster_1 6 Jebediah Flibberbrush 53 SoCal Cowboys 49
behind.enemylines 7 FuriousDman 6 mdlusk 53 TK19 49
Bellotti's Mustache 7 Gabby 6 milehightexan 53 Troy 49
Bertangalo 7 GordBerl 6 Nord15 53 Aaron Burtram 48
BoydNation 7 HALIFAXPACOWBOY 6 Pnut Gallery 53 beastygaming 48
boyman 7 HLCJ69 6 revellyre 53 connor.cmr 48
boys.camncrew 7 Hobbes42 6 ROMO4MVP 53 Hookem Up 48
cee-los 7 hookerhome 6 shainyc 53 I am Ironman!!! 48
ChrisMan 7 Joe21 6 Shakeepuddn 53 lucke 48
cowboy1966 7 Junkyard Dog 6 alfanti 52 neon greon 48
CowboysFan1994 7 kethry1313 6 cowdog 52 tsylvest 48
cowdog 7 Lajitas Lava 6 cproctor6 52 @Tonekupone 47
Cuban Cowboy 7 letsgtld 6 Fergie3108 52 BigHat in NewTexas 47
D_Carter 7 LiveNDieBlue 6 Howleyesque 52 fs65 47
ginge159 7 lucke 6 JDobermans 52 Junkyard Dog 47
IRONRAVEN 7 MSM33 6 jstaubach 52 meisternance 47
jakezze01 7 mushpuppy 6 letsgtld 52 Mikellie 47
jayrosser27 7 One.Cool.Customer 6 mushpuppy 52 One.Cool.Customer 47
Jebediah Flibberbrush 7 Panzer84 6 oldboysfan 52 Static 47
j-man 7 Pasipple 6 Panzer84 52 Cowboy Joe 46
jockmeister 7 Realist Larry 6 Through Thick And Thin 52 kethry1313 46
krikaley 7 revellyre 6 True Blue-liever 52 LiveNDieBlue 46
Max2 7 Rex Pfister 6 Tunabomber11 52 thehogster65 46
mdlusk 7 SoCal Cowboys 6 Wardo83 52 Tuna Helper 46
milehightexan 7 Tallgrass Prairie 6 wittenfan 52 88Deztined46 45
NCHeelsBoysFan 7 TheBlueBaron 6 boys.camncrew 51 Cuban Cowboy 45
nikeorlipstick 7 TheDemolitionDan 6 CapitalT 51 Gabby 45
Rohpuri 7 Timmy G 6 CowboyinExile 51 ginge159 45
ROMO4MVP 7 True Blue-liever 6 HALIFAXPACOWBOY 51 NorthStar99 45
shainyc 7 Tuna Helper 6 HLCJ69 51 Unique 45
skinny post 7 Uncas 6 nikeorlipstick 51 1Bullseye 44
slowmotion80 7 yellowrose 6 Specific 51 Lajitas Lava 44

If you are too far down on the overall leaderboard to be displayed here, then look for KD's complete leaderboard in his Week #9 post.

If you think I recorded your entries and scores wrong, please make a comment. There are many more participating than last year, and I am busier. Often, I am working on this late at night or early in the morning when I am sleepy and prone to errors.

A week ago, I had inadvertently posted SoCalCowboys picks on the adjacent row (SoCalCowboysFan12). He called me on it, and that got fixed.

j-man displayed true honesty this week when he called me out to say that he thought his score should be one less than I had it. I found the discrepancy and fixed it. So, instead of being one off the lead (my numbers), he is now two off the lead (right numbers).

With all the 10-for-10 posts grouped together in this hub, it has never been easier for you to check your scores or for me to research and fix mistakes.

Last week, I had almost as many picks on my FanPost as KD did on his contest page. So, I will continue to offer to take Thursday Game Only and 10-for-10 picks on this FanPost. I do apologize, though, that I hadn't realized that the Patriots and Rams were playing in London, not St. Louis. I would have prepared my game list differently (New England vs. ST. LOUIS in London, instead of New England at ST. LOUIS).

Here's how we have done so far this season picking individual teams. The first letter is our consensus prediction. The second letter is the actual result. So, WW is good (we picked a team to win; it won); LL is good (we picked a team to lose; it lost). The other two (WL and LW) are not so good.

Picks/Results for Each Team/Each Week
Team Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10 Wk 11 Wk 12 Wk 13 Wk 14 Wk 15 Wk 16 Wk 17 W L
Atlanta WW LW WW WW WW WW Bye WW 6 1
Chicago WW LL WW LW WW Bye WW WW 6 1
Denver WW WL LL WW LL WW Bye WW 6 1
Houston WW WW WW WW WW WL WW Bye 6 1
Jacksonville LL LL LW LL LL Bye LL LL 6 1
Kansas City LL LL LW LL LL LL Bye LL 6 1
San Diego WW WW LL WW LL LL Bye WL 6 1
Cleveland LL LL LL LL LL LW LL LW 6 2
New England WW WL LL WW WW WL WW WW 6 2
Baltimore WW WL WW WW WW LW LL Bye 5 2
Oakland LL WL LW LL Bye LL WW WW 5 2
Pittsburgh LL WW WL Bye WW WL WW WW 5 2
New York Jets LW LL WW LL LL LW LL WL 5 3
San Francisco LW WW WL WW WW WL WW WW 5 3
St Louis LL LW LL LW LW LL LL LL 5 3
Buffalo WL WW WW LL LL LW WL Bye 4 3
Cincinnati LL WW LW WW WL WL LL Bye 4 3
Miami LL LW LL LL LW WW Bye LW 4 3
New Orleans WL WL WL LL WW Bye WW LL 4 3
Philadelphia WW LW LL LW LL WL Bye LL 4 3
Tampa Bay LW LL LL WL Bye WW LL LW 4 3
Green Bay WL WW WL WW WL LW WW WW 4 4
New York Giants LL WW LW WL WW LW WW LW 4 4
Tennessee LL LL LW LL LL LW LW WL 4 4
Carolina WL LW WL LL WL Bye LL LL 3 4
Dallas WW WL WW WL Bye WL WW WL 3 4
Detroit WW LL WL WL Bye LW LL LW 3 4
Arizona LW LW WW WW WL WL LL LL 4 4
Minnesota WW WL LW LW WW WL WW WL 3 5
Washington LW WL WL LW LL LW LL LL 3 5
Indianapolis LL LW WL Bye LW WL WW LW 2 5
Seattle WL LW LW WL LW LW LL WL 1 7

Here's the lineup for Week #9 (fourteen games, four teams have byes):


Kansas City at SAN DIEGO


Baltimore at CLEVELAND
Arizona at GREEN BAY
Buffalo at HOUSTON
Chicago at TENNESSEE
Carolina at WASHINGTON
Tampa Bay at OAKLAND
Minnesota at SEATTLE
Pittsburgh at NEW YORK GIANTS
Dallas at ATLANTA (mandatory; must include)
Philadelphia at NEW ORLEANS

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.