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Let's Go To The VideoTape! Cowboys-Eagles Game Recap With Highlights

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The Cowboys enjoyed a comfortable victory over the Eagles on Sunday afternoon. Now, enjoy the highlights and analysis from the comfort of your web surfing device.


It's been a rare occasion this season to have a feel-good Monday. It really hasn't happened since after the Week One, season-opening victory over the New York Giants. That's over two months ago. The victories over Tampa Bay and Carolina really brought more of a temporary repreive from angst than feelings of euphoria.

But this victory? This victory right here? Feels good. You can never go wrong defeating an NFC East rival. You definitely can't go wrong beating the Philadelphia Eagles. You undoubtedly can't go wrong beating the Philadelphia Eagles on the road, when they are a struggling team ready to fire the one coach that has pwned the Cowboys for a decade while taking out their starting quarterback. That, my friends, is #Winning, any way you slice it.

Sure, there is still plenty to work on with this team. Sure, their record still sits at a disappointing 4-5 and the playoffs are still a pipe dream. However, at least they sent you to bed last night with a wrench, an Ambien and some sheep to count. Good times.

Here's my video analysis/recap of the game, with the help of the the crack staff of SB United Video Production Team. Enjoy!