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Cowboys Face Fairly Soft Remaining Schedule: Reason For Optimism Or Cause For Concern?

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The Cowboys face what looks like a fairly soft remaining schedule, but is that a good or bad thing?

Jeff Gross

Seven of the Cowboys’ first eight games were against teams that currently have a winning record. The second half of the season looks much less formidable: The Steelers are the only remaining team on the schedule who currently have a winning record, and if Ben Roethlisberger’s injury last night will keep him out for longer, even they may end up with a losing record.

Just as importantly, the Cowboys have already played six of their eight scheduled road games, and only have to play two of their remaining seven games outside of Cowboys Stadium.

The Cowboys play the Browns next week and follow that up with the Thanksgiving game against the Redskins four days later. It’s not that big a stretch to imagine the Cowboys could be one game above .500 in 10 days and riding some momentum down the stretch against a soft schedule.

But are we getting ahead of ourselves here? Jason Witten certainly thinks so:

"I think you try to stay away from the schedule, whether it’s good or bad. You take that one game at a time," Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said in a teleconference on Monday. "You really can’t worry about what’s outside, and what record, and who’s playing who. You’ve got to worry about your opponent that upcoming week."

Keep in mind that just like Cowboys fans are looking forward and seeing seemingly "soft" opponents lined up, the fans of other teams may be looking at the 4-5 Cowboys as a "soft" opponent on their remaining schedule.

The Cowboys’ playoff hopes barely survived the first half of the season, now it looks like they’ve caught a break in the second half.

But with the 2012 Cowboys things aren't always as they appear, so is the soft remaining schedule a reason for optimism, or is it a cause for concern because of the danger of taking the remaining opponents too lightly?

Cowboys remaining schedule:

Sun, Nov 18 vs Cleveland
Thu, Nov 22 vs Washington
Sun, Dec 2 vs Philadelphia
Sun, Dec 9 @ Cincinnati
Sun, Dec 16 vs Pittsburgh
Sun, Dec 23 vs New Orleans
Sun, Dec 30 @ Washington