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Dallas Cowboys Week 11 Power Rankings: The Only Way Is Up

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The Cowboys move up the rankings while the other NFC East teams all move down. But is it too little, too late or is this the start of an endrun to the playoffs for the Cowboys?

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The Cowboys climbed a little closer to a .500 record with the win over the Eagles on Sunday, and that naturally helps them move up the power rankings a little bit.

It's not enough to pull level with the Giants, who find themselves tumbling out of the top ten, but it puts them within reach. The Eagles, with the Redskins in tow, are nearing the bottomless pit of these power rankings where the Cowboys' next opponents, the Browns, await them with open arms.

Did you know that there are only four teams with more losses in the league than the Eagles and Redskins? Now you do. On to this week's power rankings as that old Yazz tune cycles gently through my circuitry.

Opinion-based rankings

Week 11 (previous rankings in parenthesis) 12th (12th). "Thanks to the Giants, the Cowboys are right back in the playoff race. Dallas has the talent to get into the postseason. Whether they can play smart football the rest of the way is the main question."'s Brain Trust of Experts: 12th (17th). Comments by Elliot Harrison, who ranks the Cowboys 15th: "(No blurb. It jumped offside moments before you clicked on this article.)" 15th (15th). "A season-saving win at Philly? Could be. With the Giants slumping and a soft schedule for Dallas, the Cowboys might be back in the mix. "

ESPN: 15th (18th). "They won the battle of the disappointments Sunday in Philadelphia. Can they play well enough to push Giants? (Graziano)"

Pro Football Weekly: 15th (18th). "Now is the time to make a run: next four games are vs. losing teams." 15th (17th). "The score looks dominant and the highlights are sexy, but everything in between was unimpressive. The Cowboys show once again that they play to the level of their opponents and fail to offer any evidence that the team is hitting its stride for the last half of the season."

Fox Sports: 16th (16th). "The Cowboys were penalized 13 times for 75 yards in Philly on Sunday, but were able to overcome it because they didn't turn the ball over. Tony Romo was held to a season low in passing yards, but that isn't necessarily a bad formula for the Cowboys offense." 16th (17th). "Celebrate a record that's 1 game under .500 or finding a team that's more stupid and less disciplined than you are? At any rate, with the Giants' loss today, Dallas is still in the running for the NFC East division crown (as crazy as that sounds)!" 16th (19th). "Their season looked dead in the fourth quarter, but they turned it around with two big plays, one on special teams and one on defense. Now what?"

SB Nation: 18th (22nd). "They're only a game and a half behind the Giants in the NFC East, but does anyone think they're catching New York?" Yes.

Pro Football Talk: 21st (23rd). "Don’t look now, but this team could still climb back into the NFC East race. Just in time for the Giants to win it late."

Stat-based rankings 11th (n.a.). Though technically not a power ranking, they are included here anyway. Beatgraphs is based on head-to-head matchups and calculates a series of Team A beat Team B beat Team C scenarios to arrive at a ranking where if Team A has beaten Team B, Team A will be ranked above B. Worth checking out for the crazy graphs these guys produce.

Sagarin NFL rankings: 12th (12th). These are rankings based on W/L record, points differential and schedule strength. 12th (13th). "Looking for a candidate for a strong late season run? You've found one. Six of the Cowboys' final seven games come against opponents that currently sport losing records." 16th (14th). This site measures the relative strength of all teams using team performance, home/away status, margin of victory and other factors.

WhatIFsports: 19th (17th). These guys simulate every possible match-up in the NFL 100 times, and use the winning percentages from those nearly 50,000 games to evaluate every team, with updated rosters and depth charts.


Below is how the NFC East fared in this week's power rankings, with the Browns added free of charge.

wk11 wk10 wk11 wk10 wk11 wk10 wk11 wk10 wk11
WEEI 12 12 23 20 10 10 22 22 30 12 17 19 20 8 5 30 23 31
Newsday 15 15 26 22 9 5 22 20 30 15 17 25 22 9 6 21 20 30
ESPN 15 18 24 21 10 5 21 19 30
ProFootballWeekly 15 18 23 22 11 7 24 23 30
Foxsports 16 16 22 22 14 9 20 20 26
Drafttek 16 17 25 22 11 9 22 22 30 16 19 22 20 12 9 26 25 30
SBNation 18 22 19 18 11 6 20 19 30
Pro Football Talk 21 23 27 24 11 6 24 24 30
Avg.Opinion-based 15.5 17.6 23.1 21.1 10.5 7.0 22.9 21.5 29.7
Sagarin Ratings 12 12 29 26 9 8 19 19 28 12 13 23 18 8 6 22 20 27
Team Rankings 16 14 30 25 15 8 26 24 28
Whatifsports 19 17 29 26 7 6 24 25 28
Avg. Stat-based 14.7 14.0 27.7 23.7 9.7 7.0 22.7 22.0 27.7
Total Average 15.3 16.6 24.4
21.8 10.3 7.0 22.8 21.6 29.2