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The Dallas Cowboys Will Get A Firsthand Look At Josh Gordon

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Last July, the Dallas Cowboys put in a third-round bid for former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon. The Cleveland Browns made the higher bid and secured his rights. Now the Cowboys will get to see firsthand at the type of player Gordon can be.

Al Bello

It was interesting when the news was announced that the Dallas Cowboys had pursued former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon in the NFL Supplemental Draft. The battle for the #3 wide receiver was in full swing back in July and the Cowboys obviously saw something in the talented wide receiver and made a bid for his services.

It was rumored that the Cowboys were interested in Gordon, but the bid they actually put in according to Josh Ellis was a pretty high draft pick.

The Cowboys' bid for Gordon is believed to have been in the third round. However, the team had a second-round grade on the receiver, according to a source.

The Cowboys really wanted Kevin Ogletree, Dwayne Harris or Andre Holmes to take that job, but they were looking at having a fallback plan in case one of them did't step up and seize the opportunity. At the time, I wasn't too fond on the idea of taking Gordon in the supplemental draft. Here is what I said after I learned about the Cowboys' interest in Gordon.

Honestly, I am stunned right now. I cannot believe that the scouts in this organization actually liked Gordon enough to give him a second-round grade. Had the Cowboys actually given up anything higher than a fourth-round pick, I would have had a lot of issues with that. Gordon may have tremendous upside, but giving up a potential top 100 draft pick for a player who hasn't played organized football since 2010 is exactly what this organization does not need right now.

It is possible that the front office may not be totally convinced with the young wide receivers they have on the roster right now. If they truly have faith in their young receivers, then why would they bring in another inexperienced wide receiver?

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Gordon is it? Well, I like to think of myself as a draftnik, but I may have been wrong about Josh Gordon. So far into his rookie season, Gordon has become a pretty good wide receiver in the NFL. Frankly, it's amazing that he has been able to have the amount of success he is having after missing so much time. Remember, Gordon played at Baylor for just a few years. After leaving Baylor, he transferred to Utah, but he never played there.

One of the major reasons that I was so against spending a high draft pick on Gordon was due to his character red-flags and lack of experience.

One scout said during Gordon's workout prior to the Supplemental Draft that Gordon had "A.J. Green potential". Gordon has a lot of work to do before he becomes the next A.J. Green, but Gordon looks like a dangerous weapon who can stretch the field. This is a wide receiver with amazing size (6-3, 225), but he is also a dynamic athlete with great speed.

If you want to start scouting wide receivers for the draft next year, then it may be wise to take a look at wide receivers who possess attributes similar to Gordon's. The Cowboys clearly look for a certain type of wide receiver, and Gordon fits most of the criteria that they look for.

Jason Garrett recently discussed Gordon in the media. He had some very positive things to say about the wide receiver who nearly became a Dallas Cowboy.

"Physically he’s just really an outstanding talent," Garrett said. "He’s big, he’s long, he’s fast, he can catch. He’s very natural."

"We were certainly well in tune to what his situation was leading up to that supplemental draft and we were on top of it," Garrett said. "Cleveland stepped up and was aggressive picking him and he’s certainly done a lot of good things for them."

Gordon's doesn't have eye-popping numbers, but when you take a glance at them, they do make you take notice. 19 receptions on 41 targets, 417 yards, 4 touchdowns and 21.9 yards per reception. Gordon also has seven catches over twenty yards. It's also pretty impressive that Gordon has accomplished all of this in just nine games. Some rookie wide receivers have trouble adjusting to the NFL game and never come close to producing those type of numbers in their entire rookie season.

The Browns have another big wide receiver in Greg Little. Little is another guy with the size/athleticism combination that are having a lot success in the NFL. Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress is using Little more in the possession role, and that allows Gordon to take on the role of the big play wide receiver. This should be a good test for our secondary. In my opinion, Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne can match up with any wide receiver combination. But they will receive a physical test from Little and Gordon.

The Browns are a young and improving team. This is the type of team that I wouldn't want to take lightly heading into a game that Dallas really needs to win in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. Gordon nearly became a Cowboy, but now he is on the other side of the fence. We will finally get a closer look and see what type of wide receiver he is this Sunday.