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Video Recap: Cowboys Escape Season-Ending Embarrassment With Overtime Win

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Before you flush the stench of the Browns game away, take another look at all that went well and wrong in the Cowboys 23-20 overtime win.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The Cowboys entered Week 11 a game and a half behind the idle New York Giants in the NFC East standings. They sat in a tie for ninth place within the conference and as we all know, only six teams make the playoffs each year. With plenty of work to do to give themselves the chance to perform some late-season magic, Dallas could not afford to stumble against the lowly 2-7 (at the time) Cleveland Browns. But they almost did.

On a day where every NFC team save for 4-5 Detroit (who was playing 6-3 Green Bay) in the Top 12 that played a game won, Dallas came oh so close to killing the remaining portion of their season with an uninspired first half that saw them fall behind 13-0. Think about that, everyone within striking distance of Dallas, save for the Lions, would have gained either a half game or a full game on them. That would have been curtains.

In my latest Youtube video (and many thanks to all that helped get last week's well over the 10,000 viewer plateau!), I take a look at all that went wrong, all that went well and all that it means. Dig in for a little and review the game with me, SB Nation United style.