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If You're Watching Cowboys-Redskins From Your Man Cave, Be Thankful

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Two years deep into a new tradition, the Drummond Man Cave will sit empty as the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry is renewed.

Wesley Hitt

I can't believe I have to leave the house on Thursday. This feels... it feels... unAmerican.

I'm a grown-up and I will not be able to set the rules for viewing the annual Cowboys Thanksgiving afternoon game. This will be my third Thanksgiving since purchasing my house in January of 2010. The last two years, I have been able to invite both my, as well as my now wife's families, over to enjoy Turkey Day with us. This is symbolic for more reasons than just signifying my being an official "grown-up"... It's symbolic because for the first time in my life I've been able to 100% control my viewing of the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. I've been able to watch them, in the comfortable confines of my own man cave.

As a football fan, I can't tell you how much being able to watch football in your own sanctuary can mean. As a youngster, when you had to go with your family to have Thanksgiving dinner at various locations, you were pretty much relegated to their schedules. Oh, they want kickoff the festivities right at 4:30, when the game is kicking off? Unacceptable. Oh, the entire family is composed of pseudo-Redskins fans that just want talk trash about Dallas? Infuriating. Oh, someone has invoked the "sit at the dining room table with no television in sight? Blasphemy.

But get yourself a house with a man cave? You make your own rules. Thanksgiving Dinner is served at 4pm sharp. After the food is blessed, you are allowed to wander in whatever direction you see fit. Kids are banned from being with three yards of the man cave entrance. Nothing beats being able to stuff your face and wipe some gravy off your chin just in time to see the Cowboys game kick off from the comfort of your recliner. This is what life is all about.

This year? We're not hosting Thanksgiving. There will be no man cave for me to embark on my triptophanic journey in. We'll be at my mother's house, enjoying family time. Joy. I mean I love them and all... and the game will be on... but I'm a Cowboys fanatic. My cheering isn't rational, it's not even fit for family functions. Joy.

So if you're fortunate enough to view the game from the comfort of your own man cave; if you get to unbuckle your belt with no fear of scaring unassuming children... KD salutes you. Pour out a little liquor for me and what I thought was my new tradition.

I guess I'll have to print this picture out and hand it to everyone to bring them up on the history between the two teams.


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