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Pick 6 Fantasy Football On BTB - Get Your Fantasy Fix Right Here, Right Now!

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Join us in our BTB pick 6 football game for a chance to show up some of the frontpage writers and earn a spot on the BTB top ten leaderboard. And remember to get your Week 12 picks in before 1:00 pm ET on Thanksgiving!

Rob Carr

Pick_6_week_11_mediumAnother week is in the books for our BTB Pick 6 Football contest. 84 BTB members participated for a chance to read their name on the BTB Top Ten leaderboard on the right.

If you haven't signed up yet, you should. The game is easy and fun: You pick six different players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, Wildcard) with a capped fantasy budget. You can pick anyone you want as long as you stay within your budget. There is no simpler fantasy football game around, and everybody starts from scratch every week. You can enter and leave at any time, no obligations whatsoever.

This week's winner, cwby4lf, ran away with the victory by including Carson Palmer, Dez Bryant and Andre Johnson on his team. That team was so good, it finished second overall in the entire SB Nation network. cwby4lf has been a member of this blog for almost exactly four years so this win doubles nicely as a 4-year anniversary present.

We had three frontpage writers participate in the game last week. "The Grizz Line" denotes the position of the lowest ranked writer on the leaderboard, and this week Dave Halprin drew the line at no. 46. Yours truly only came in marginally better at no. 35 while our fantasy master extraordinaire KD Drummond finished in the 20th spot.

You may not make it onto the top ten leaderboard when you sign up, but there's a good chance you'll do better than at least one of us front-pagers in this contest, so submit your picks today.

Join the contest and enter your picks before Week 12 kicks off at 1:00 pm ET in Detroit for a chance to see your name on the BTB leaderboard. Click on the banner below and you'll be taken directly to the Pick 6 welcome page, where you can select the players to fit your fantasy budget.

Here are my picks for Week 12:

  • QB Jay Cutler (OAK - $18.50) - No word yet (at the time I'm writing this) on his concussion status, but Cutler would be a steal at $18.50. Plus he's going up against the Vikings, who have quietly given up 142 points over their last five games, the fifth highest total in the league.
  • RB Marcel Reece (OAK - $6.50) - Reece had a stellar outing in the loss to the Saints, rushing for 103 yards and adding 90 receiving yards. With Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson (both with ankle injuries) looking unlikely against Cincinnati, Reece could have another fantasy-friendly outing against the Bengals' 25th ranked run defense (4.4 YPA).
  • WR Dez Bryant (DAL - $23.75) - The Redskins' secondary is suspect, having given up the third-most receiving yards and the Cowboys need to test it early and often. While dong that, Tony Romo will be looking for Dez Bryant. Over the last two games, 20 of Romo's 44 passes to wide receivers have been to Bryant. And Bryant has caught 15 of those throws.
  • TE Brandon Myers (OAK - $22.25) - Myers has recorded 220 yards and three touchdowns over the last three games, and the Bengals don't defend tight ends very well.
  • K Dan Bailey (DAL - $6.75) - Bailey has been with the Cowboys for less than two seasons and already is ranked second in franchise history with five game-winning field goals behind Septien (7).
  • Wildcard: WR Brandon Marshall (CHI - $35.50) - Before the Monday Night Football debacle against the 49ers, Marshall was averaging over 100 yards per game and ranked second in the league only to Megatron in yards per game. With Cutler back, watch for Marshall to have another very productive game.

Think you can do better than that? Of course you can. Click here to select your team with which to beat me and the other frontpagers.