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Cowboys Week 9 Loss Puts Them In Tough Position

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The Cowboys came up short in a game where a statement could have gone a long way. What's left to say?

Scott Cunningham

After posting yesterday's game recap article, one of our BTB faithful commented that it must be difficult to keep writing the game recaps when this team has been so frustrating this season. Either I'm getting numb to the disappointment or I'm a glutton for punishment because I actually wrote a recap AND filmed a video!

Check out my review of the game, augmented by the production skills of our great YouTube staff that SB Nation has tucked away in some underground lair somewhere.

The video is a combination of my take on the game and highlights of some of the more crucial plays of the game, as the Cowboys tried their best to right the ship but just weren't capable of handing Atlanta their first loss of the season.

Use the comment section, as usual, to continue to commiserate with each other as we still have eight weeks to go in this 2012 season. All hope is not lost; it's just that the GPS batteries are drained and there isn't a CVS within walking distance. And the car's out of gas. And it's raining. Sideways.