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Dallas Cowboys Week 10 Power Rankings: How Low Can You Go?

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Is this the point at which things can only get better? We review the power rankings for the NFC East after a weekend in which all four NFC East teams lost. The impact that has on the rankings is very predictable.


It was a tough weekend for the entire NFC East, as all four teams lost in Week 9 for the first time since Week 13 last week.

Predictably, all four NFC East teams drop a couple of notches in our collection of power rankings. The Giants drop out of the Top Five, the Eagles cement their status as the worst team in the East. The Redskins can't get enough separation from the Eagles and while the Cowboys are being recognized for having played a tough schedule, they drop anyway.

For the winner of this weekend's Cowboys @ Eagles game, there's a chance at power ranking redemption; the loser is destined for power rankings obscurity.

Opinion-based rankings

Week 10 (previous rankings in parenthesis) 12th (12th). "The Cowboys’ record doesn’t reflect the talent they have on the field. This team has made strides and the defense is getting better. However, Dallas makes too many mistakes. Turnovers, penalties, missed tackles and poor clock management are just a few." 15th (15th). "Sign of the times: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had to bang on his own team’s locker room door to gain entrance after Sunday night’s loss to the Falcons."

Fox Sports: 16th (15th). "I think Jason Garrett is a good coach and deserves to be a head coach in this league, but the environment in Dallas doesn't breed success the way it once did. " 17th (14th). "The gallows have been built, the pitchforks fetched and torches lit. The angry mob is marching for Garrett. With 7 of the 8 next opponents sporting a sub .500 record, Garrett has a prime opportunity to redeem himself and make a playoff run. There is zero room for error."'s Brain Trust of Experts: 17th (14th). Comments by Elliot Harrison, who ranks the Cowboys 17th: "Another frustrating loss for the beat-up Dallas Cowboys. Prior to the loss, Jerry Jones said that even he would have fired Jerry Jones The GM (i.e., if another general manager had his track record over the last 15 years)."

ESPN: 18th (14th). "The combined record of the five teams to which they've lost is 32-10. Things do get easier from here. (Graziano)"

Pro Football Weekly: 18th (17th). "Jerry Jones pounding on locker-room doors punctuates another loss."

Shutdown Corner: 19th (15th). "Dallas played tough in recent losses to the Ravens, Giants and Falcons, but near wins won't help Jason Garrett this offseason. Not when Sean Payton is potentially available to Jerry Jones." 19th (16th). "They are essentially playing for their season at Philadelphia this week. Win that, followed by two homes games, and they can turn things around."

SB Nation: 22nd (20th). "Cowboys vs. Eagles next week. Loser fires their head coach?"

Pro Football Talk: 23rd (23rd). "The question isn’t whether the owner should fire the G.M. The question remains whether the owner ever should have hired the G.M. in the first place."

Stat-based rankings

Oddsshark: 8th (7th). Oddsshark use a multitude of stats to establish an offensive and defensive power ranking, which they then adjust for the strength of schedule.

Sagarin NFL rankings: 12th (12th). These are rankings based on W/L record, points differential and schedule strength. 13th (9th). "A sluggish offensive showing for the second straight week was overcome by a dominating defensive effort, a very good sign for coordinator Rob Ryan's job security." 14th (15th). This site measures the relative strength of all teams using team performance, home/away status, margin of victory and other factors.

WhatIFsports: 17th (15th). These guys simulate every possible match-up in the NFL 100 times, and use the winning percentages from those nearly 50,000 games to evaluate every team, with updated rosters and depth charts.


Below is how the NFC East fared in this week's power rankings.

wk10 wk9 wk10 wk9 wk10 wk9 wk10 wk9
WEEI 12 12 20 16 10 3 22 20
Newsday 15 15 22 19 5 2 20 13
Foxsports 16 15 22 21 9 4 20 17 17 14 22 16 6 4 20 17 17 14 20 15 5 3 23 19
ESPN 18 14 21 18 5 2 19 19
ProFootballWeekly 18 17 22 15 7 3 23 18
Shutdown Corner 19 15 22 21 7 5 20 19 19 16 20 15 9 4 25 22
SBNation 22 20 18 14 6 3 19 15
Pro Football Talk 23 23 24 21 6 2 24 17
Avg.Opinion-based 17.8 15.9 21.1 17.3 6.8 3.1 21.3 17.8
Oddsshark 8 7 16 16 12 8 15 15
Sagarin Ratings 12 12 26 23 8 4 19 17 13 10 18 15 6 4 20 18
Team Rankings 14 15 25 18 8 4 24 19
Whatifsports 17 15 26 23 6 8 25 21
Avg. Stat-based 12.8 11.8 22.2 19.0 8.0 5.6 20.6 18.0
Total Average 16.2 14.6 21.5
17.8 7.1 3.9 21.1 17.8