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Pick 6 Fantasy Football On BTB - Week 9 Results & Week 10 Reminder

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Nothing you're doing right now is more important than this fantasy challenge. You may think you have something more important to do, but trust me, you are mistaken.

The Master Chief has a message for you.
The Master Chief has a message for you.
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Pick_6_week_9_medium86 of your fellow BTB members did the right thing last week and and submitted their fantasy team in our BTB Pick 6 Football game. So do right by your fellow BTB members and take part in this week's game right this very minute!

You know all about the challenge: You pick six different players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, Wildcard) with a capped fantasy budget. You can pick anyone you want as long as you stay within your budget. There is no simpler fantasy football game around, and everybody starts from scratch every week. You can enter and leave at any time for a chance to see your name in the bright lights here on BTB.

Week 10 saw the first repeat winner of the season: Our Week 7 winner True Blue-liever came through again with a season-high score of 127.1 points. This week's breakout player was Tampa Bay's Doug Martin (51.2 points) and every single one of the top 16 participants this week had Martin on their team.

True Blue-liever ranked high enough to place third overall among the participants from all 32 SB Nation NFL blogs, and represented us well. The top five BTB players all finished within the SB Nation Top 25, the best result of any blog in our network. Cool stuff.

Join the contest and enter your picks before Week 9 kicks off on Thursday night for a chance to see your name on the BTB leaderboard. Click on the banner below and you'll be taken directly to the Pick 6 welcome page, where you can select the players to fit your fantasy budget.

The top 16 all had Doug Martin on their team. I didn't, and finished 17th. My personal best of 95.1 points would have been good enough for first place last week, but that's just how this goes. Bummer. Here are my picks for Week 10:

  • QB Ben Roethlisberger (PIT - $38.50) - The Steelers are going up against the woeful Chiefs. The Steelers don't have much of a ground game this year, so they'll go through the air against the Chiefs. Big Ben will get lots of open downfield receivers to focus on.
  • RB Stevan Ridley (NE - $35.50) - The Bills allow the second most rushing yards in the league nehind only the Saints. In their Week 4 game, the Patriots gashed the Bills for 247 yards and four rushing TDs. Ridley has four 100+ rushing yards this season, this could be his fifth.
  • WR Mike Wallace (CAR - $30.00) - Did you see how Wallace burned the entire Giants secondary on that 51-yard catch and run TD?
  • TE Anthony Fasano (MIA - $4.75) - Miami faces the Titans, who are ranked 29th in the league against tight ends. Perhaps some points to be had on the cheap here.
  • K Justin Medlock (CAR - $0.50) - The Broncos have a pretty solid defense, and the Panthers may have to rely on their kicker if they want to score points against Denver.
  • Wildcard: WR Mike Williams (TB - $8.75) - The surging Tampa Bay offense faces Vincent Jackson's old team. The Chargers will try to limit Jackson, so that should open up all sorts of possibilities for Williams, and they can't throw to Jackson all the time anyway.

You can do better than that, can't you? Click here to get your team going. Don't be a slacker, do it right now!