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Week 10 NFL Picks: The Race To The Playoffs Begins Now

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As the NFL enters the second half of its season, most of the teams still eyeing a playoff spot need to start winning games to stay in stay in contention. Our panel of writers pick the weekend's games and like the Cowboys for a road win in Philly.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL season enters its second half this week and the race to the playoffs begins in earnest.

Right now there are only 11 teams with three losses or less through the first nine weeks of the season, and most of them look like good, early candidates for one of the 12 postseason spots.

But don’t count any of the other teams out just yet. Since 2000, 29 teams have had a .500 or below winning percentage at the halfway point of the season and proceeded to the playoffs. And that includes the 2001 Patriots, who were 5-5 after Week 10 that year but ended up winning Super Bowl XXXVI anyway.

As the playoff races get into full swing, teams who still want to make it to "The Tournament" need to start winning to stay in contention. If the Cowboys are to be one of those teams, they'll need to put together a string of wins to stay in contention, and that string of wins needs to start on Sunday in Philadelphia. Can they do that?

Our panel thinks they can and pick the Cowboys 7-1 in a road win over the Eagles. And without further ado, here are our remaining picks for Week 10, 2012.

Captain_medium Emmittintro_medium Dr_fate_medium BTB logo
Archie Brandon Coty Dave KD OCC rabble Tom Consensus
Season Record
89-43 78-54 70-62 82-50 88-44 73-59 77-55 83-49 84-48
Percentage 67% 59% 53% 62% 67% 55% 58% 63% 64%
Week 9
11-3 10-4 9-5 8-6 10-4 12-2 10-4 10-4 10-4

IND (-3) @ JAC
BUF @ NE (-11)
NYG (-4) @ CIN
SD @ TB (-3)
DEN (-3.5) @ CAR
TEN @ MIA (-6)
OAK @ BAL (-7.5)
ATL (-2.5) @ NO
DET (-2) @ MIN
NYJ @ SEA (-6.5)
DAL (-1) @ PHI
STL @ SF (-11.5)
HOU @ CHI (-1)
KC @ PIT (-12.5)


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