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Game Daze: How Do You Watch The Cowboys Play?

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If you've adopted some alternative methods for the 2012 season, it's completely understandable. How do you watch the Cowboys when they are on the field?

Tom Pennington

It's been several years since I actually made it out to a football stadium. Don't get me wrong, there really is nothing like getting out to a modern-day coliseum and cheering on the franchise you've chosen to represent your interests along with 80,000 like-minded individuals. I'll always treasure the memories of the first time I flew out to Dallas to experience Texas Stadium; watching a Bill Parcells led team defeat the New York Giants in a sloppy contest won by an overtime, Jose Cortez field goal.

However, in my oldish age, I find that it's much more fulfilling being able to sit down in front of my big screen and enjoying the shenanigans in the comfort of my own man cave.

My man cave isn't extravagant in the least. When I bought my house (my first), I made the decision to use the converted garage as my man cave instead of the basement which we planned to turn into a theatre room one day. It's a simple yet effective set up with silver-painted walls and deep blue carpet. The centerpiece, however, is my pride and joy... my 52" Samsung 3D TV. I purchased it just when 3D TVs were hitting the market and actually bought it before the renovations on my house were complete. So I actually didn't get a chance to use it until 4 months after I bought it. However once I got it installed, it was on! I've connected everything to my old school Dolby surround sound receiver but unfortunately I haven't figured out a way to just get the sounds of the game sans annoying announcers.

Three years later, the man cave has morphed into my office. Sitting on my coffee table is my Apple iMac, which is just as much of a tool to watching the Cowboys games as the flat screen is. Before each game, I have several tabs open in my browser. One to a site that tracks the lists the odds, another to a prognostication site of my choice, four tabs open to each of my fantasy football leagues (can you believe I'm in next to last place in the BTB league?) and then a pop-up window to a Cowboys gamecast so I can keep up to date on all of the in-game stats.

I also always have my TweetDeck app running,so I can tweet and reply from the @BloggingTheBoys Twitter account, as well as another tab open to the BTB Facebook page. All of this is going on while I have a word processing doc open so I can jot down notes about the game that I want to make sure to cover in my post-game wrap-up article or YouTube video.

Throw in the fact that the Cowboys can't seem to do anything right without my 8-month old son in the room (good luck charms, gotta have 'em) and I really have my hands full on gamedays.

Suffice to say, I have a lot going on as I scream at the top of my lungs at whatever the latest palpitation-inducing moment has just transpired. I've kind of given up on the lucky jersey/hat thing over the last few seasons because... well, look at our records. They aren't working! I do sit in the same spot for each game, but I think that's more because it is nicely molded to my specifications from years of repitition.

So, how do you watch the Cowboys?

With a blindfold and a cigarette?

Do you have a ritual that you undergo before each game? Time-tested ritual you always follow? What's your entertainment center working with? Do you face your beer label forward with every field goal attempt by Dan "Split'Em" Bailey?

Talk to me.

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