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Cowboys Players Comment On Jerry Brown, Josh Brent, After Emotional Win

The emotional, comeback win over the Bengals was a needed bright spot for a Cowboys team that was was suffering.

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For most of us the death of Jerry Brown is tragic and we are grieved by his passing. But we can only feel it from a distance. For the members of the Dallas Cowboys organization, it was much more up close and personal. Jerry Brown was someone they knew, someone they saw on a daily basis. By most accounts, Brown was very popular in the locker room and was relentless about becoming a player in the NFL. He was very much on this team's mind as they played the Bengals.

After the win, they commented on Brown and what he meant to them, and how his passing affected them. Below are a few quotes, but visit this page at the mothership for many more.

Jerry Jones

"It was a great credit to our staff and coaches and everybody. They were certainly focused on the most important thing. That’s the loss of Jerry Brown. Knowing that they had this time to compete and play and knowing what it certainly meant to Jerry Brown. He gave his professional time to competing on the field. It made a difference to every player in here."

Marcus Spears

"We had his jersey hanging up in the locker room, him and Josh, because sometimes you need a perspective. I think the perspective we got from those gestures is we’re here and we have the opportunity to do what we love doing, and those guys don’t have that chance. I think for everybody it kind of stirred up inside that we need to be grateful for what we’re able to do. Not just in football, but just to wake up in the morning or be free."

Tony Romo

"The last 24 hours have really been something I’ve never experienced. I think a lot of the guys would tell you that. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions. Loss is hard in life in general, especially people that you see every single every day and they’re close with you, and you grind with (them) ... and that you’re trying to accomplish a goal with (them). You go through a lot together. It still is a very difficult thing this football team is dealing with."

Lawrence Vickers

"I can’t put the meaning behind it. It’s more than what you would think in a situation like this. We’re blessed just to wake up this morning. It’s tragic. You want to be happy and sad at the same time. It’s really emotional. At the end of the day, you still have to do a job. You’ve got millions of people watching and at the end of the day, you win. And the fashion in which you win. I’m just blessed. God, thank you. Thank you."

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