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Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant Ultimate Decision-Maker On Playing The Rest Of 2012

Jerry Jones weighed in on Dez Bryant's injured finger.


Jerry Jones told us a little more about what's going with Dez Bryant's injury. Jones basically says that Bryant can either have surgery or play with it heavily padded. Over at the Star-Telegram is this bit:

Jones, speaking on his weekly radio show on KRLD 105.3 FM "The Fan," said if Bryant chooses to wait on the surgery, it could have a lasting effect on his finger, leaving it with some stiffness permanently. Jones said hand specialists have said so. "I know he wants to play," Jones said. "Dez will be the ultimate decision-maker on surgery or playing with some kind of padding."

Jones said the Cowboys are still receiving and reviewing the medical information about the finger.

That's really putting the onus on Dez to make a difficult choice. Jerry might be stepping out in front of the medical people somewhat here, I'm sure they will advise Dez as to how serious the chance of something permanent occurring if he does play.

Calvin Watkins also had this from Jerry:

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