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Cowboys' Dez Bryant Wants To Play Against Steelers

The Cowboys's best receiver is sounding like he has no plans of missing the rest of the season.

Hard to keep a good man down.
Hard to keep a good man down.
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The latest word on the injury to the finger of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant comes from Dez himself.

"It would take more than this to take me out,'' Dez said, in a sense angry at being given an initial no-go by team doctors. "No way. They'd have to break my leg to keep me out."

While this does not exactly constitute authoritative medical opinion, it does speak volumes about the most dangerous target available to Tony Romo. He clearly is highly motivated and wants to be a part of the season-ending drive to make the playoffs.

He was scheduled to see doctors after attending the memorial service for teammate Jerry Brown on Tuesday. According to his advisor David Wells he is looking for any way to play, as long as it does not endanger his future.

The Cowboys' fan base has been going through some pretty severe emotional swings since the injury was first reported, and according to the report linked above, so has the team. Steps were already underway to place Bryant on IR on Monday, and Bryant was reporting that he had been advised by doctors he should not play. But the key word seems to be "advised", which has left the door open for a determined player to try to find a way to get back on the field with his team. And as Jason Garrett said, there is some wiggle room whatever the medical experts say.

"The doctors are going to say, 'Hey, this is what it is, and this is what we feel like you need to do,' and then we're going to say, 'OK, well, what are the other options,' like you do with any injury, and you go forward and you make your best decision, not only for now, but for the future," Garrett said.

While I am sure that the team would not do something that would jeopardize Bryant's future, it is looking more and more like he is going to play Sunday if it is at all possible.


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