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Report: Dez Bryant Will Try To Play Sunday

Cowboys' wide receiver Dez Bryant is planning on playing Sunday against the Steelers in spite of a broken finger suffered last week.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Dez Bryant is going to give it a go on Sunday. That is, if he can get through a practice. Albert Breer cites a teams source saying that Bryant has decided to practice with his finger in a splint and if he shows he can do it, they'll clear him to play.

This is a tough decision for Dez, his fingers are his money. That's where the man makes his living. I'm sure the prospect of permanently damaging one of his digits is not something he took lightly. So much respect to Dez for trying to gut it out and help the Cowboys win while they're still fighting for the playoffs. It would have been very easy for Dez to just pack it in on the 2012 season. And no one would have blamed him.

Without him, getting to the playoffs this season seemed almost mission impossible. But if he plays the chances get much better, even if it's still a tough climb.

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