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Dez Bryant: "I'm Playing" In The Pittsburgh Game

Dez Bryant made his intentions known after Thursday's practice.


It's starting to look definitive that Dez Bryant will be taking the field against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. The Cowboys wideout told reporters as much today.

As he entered the Valley Ranch locker room following practice on Thursday, Dez Bryant told a group of reporters that he’s playing Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. "Only thing y’all need to know is I’m playing," Bryant said.

Unless the Cowboys medical team and management absolutely rule it out, Dez will try and keep his personal, phenomenal second-half of the 2012 season going. Bryant has been a killer for the Cowboys in the second half of games recently and obviously still believes the Cowboys can grab a playoff spot.

Contrary to reports from Jason Garrett that he wouldn't catch passes today, Bryant did just that.

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and cornerback Brandon Carr both said Thursday that Bryant looked good catching the ball during practice.

"I took some reps today," Bryant said. "I took quite a few."

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