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Pick 6 Fantasy Football on BTB: Get Your Groove On

73 BTB members participated in our weekly Pick 6 Football game last week. All but one of those participants finished ahead of one of the front page writers, and the other writers didn't exactly dazzle anybody either.

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Pick_6_week_15_mediumBefore we get to the beatdown the community administered onto the three participating frontpage writers in our weekly Pick 6 Football game last week, let's first review the winner:

In just the second week as a participant, BTB-member kumatay took the crown with a team built around Drew Brees, Dennis Pitta and DeAngelo Williams. Kumatay's score of 104.2 was good enough to rank 6th among all SB Nation participants

The fact that this week's winner had only played this game once before serves as a welcome reminder that there's no easier way to have a little fantasy football fun than with our Pick 6 Football game. Just go to the Pick 6 Football site and pick six players for your fantasy team in a couple of minutes. Then check in next week to see how you did. That's it. No obligations, no hidden fees, no sign-up required, nothing.

For the frontpage writers, Week 14 was a completely forgettable week. Archie Barberio finished 72nd out of 73 participants. I wasn't noticeably better, coming in at No. 64, and even Coty Saxman failed to finish in the top half at No. 43. Not a particularly dazzling performance by any of us. Then again, our names are on the masthead because we're supposed to write, not because we're supposed to be right.

If there ever was a time to join the contest, now is the time. Click on the banner below to submit your pick, and get it done right away. You're Mom always told you not to procrastinate. You should have listened. There's nothing more important right now than getting your fantasy picks in.

After last week's debacle in which I tried to calculate myself to the top of the rankings, I'm now firmly back to looking for favorable matchups. Let's see if this works. Here are my picks for Week 16:

  • QB Tony Romo (DAL - $39.50) - If the Cowboys are going to win against the Saints, they'll have to do it via their offense. And the heart of that offense is Tony Romo.
  • RB Darren McFadden (OAK - $31.25) - The Carolina defense is allowing over 5 YPA on the ground over the last five games, the third worst value in the league. If the Raiders can keep the game close, McFadden should see a lot of action coming off a career-high 30 runs against the Chiefs last week.
  • WR Danny Amendola (STL - $16.75) - Amendola appears to be back from a heel-injury, as he doesn't show up on the injury report his week. Amendola, when healthy, has consistently been among the most targeted receivers in the league, and should have a field day against a Tampa defense that has allowed 291 passing yards per game over the last five weeks, the second highest total in the league.
  • TE Dennis Pitta (BAL - $17.00) - Pitta has been the top-scoring fantasy TE over the last four weeks and is criminally underpriced at $17. The Giants defense has allowed the fifth highest completion percentage (65.8%) over the last five weeks.
  • K Blair Walsh (MIN - $1.00) - Last week, Walsh went 3-for-3 from 50-plus yards against the Rams. For the season, that makes him 8-for-8 from beyond the 50, which ties an NFL all-time record. The Vikings may find it hard to move the ball against the Houston defense, and Walsh should get plenty of opportunities to score from a distance.
  • Wildcard: WR Brandon Lloyd (NE - $9.50) - Fresh off a 190-yard receiving day against the 49ers in last week's loss, Lloyd could have a similar day against a Jaguars defense which has allowed the highest completion percentage (68.1%) in the league over the last five weeks.

Think you can do better than that? Of course you can. Click here to select your team with which to beat me and the other frontpagers.

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