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Friday Night Poll: Cowboys Offensive MVP

Our sponsor asks who is the offensive MVP for this year in the NFL. So I decided to ask who is the Cowboys offensive MVP.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys offense was stuck in neutral earlier this season. But lately, it's been scoring points and winning football games. So who would you vote as the Cowboys offensive MVP? To me, there are only three real candidates.

Tony Romo - A little bit of a rough start for the Cowboys QB, too many interceptions and too many dropped passes from his receivers. But since the Giants fiasco mid-season, Romo has been on fire.

Dez Bryant - As the season began, the talented WR was dropping a lot of passes and couldn't get on the same page with Romo. But his second-half of the season has coincided with Romo's rise, now he's as dangerous a player as there is in the NFL.

Jason Witten - The dependable vet has set an NFL record for catches for a TE in a season with 103, and still has one more game to add to it.

So vote below, and you can add in a write-in candidate in the comments.

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