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[VIDEO] The Cowboys Won, But Was There Cause For Celebration?

Dallas defeating the Eagles is always cause for joy, but these aren't your normal Andy Reid Eagles. Was there anything to celebrate for Cowboys Nation?


Welp, we're at .500 again.

The Cowboys offense used the second half (again) to right the ship and overcome a first half full of bad protection, miscues and porous defense. The result was a 38-33 victory over the lowly Philadelphia Eagles who have now lost eight straight. The Cowboys, for all of their 6-6 splendor have won three of their last four and head into a homestretch of games where the playoffs are possible, although not exactly plausible.

After the game concluded, I took to the video camera to capture my feelings on the win, the state of the team and also where they stand in the grand scheme of the playoff picture. Last week's video showed that the Cowboys were left out in the cold, but with Tampa and Minnesota losing, Dallas has their collective noses pressed against the warm window. Unfortunately it's the Seattle Grinches blocking the view of the turkey.

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