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Cowboys Come Up Short - Again, Lose 28-18

Same as it ever was, the Dallas Cowboys tantalize the fanbase only to lay an egg in the big game of the season.

Patrick McDermott

It seems like season after season is just a bad dream on continuous loop. Given the opportunity to grab an NFC East crown and make the playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys came up short. Even with Robert Griffin clearly hobbled, the Washington Redskins used rookie running back Alfred Morris as a battering ram that ran all over the Dallas defense. The Cowboys could never quite figure out the Redskins run offense, and when the outside wasn't open, the cutback lanes were very inviting.

The Redskins defense used constant blitzes to befuddle Tony Romo and Jason Garrett. The Cowboys couldn't get the blitzes blocked, and in a curious move, didn't take advantage of the middle of the field which was empty of Redskins defenders most of the night. Dallas never called a screen, ran a minimum of slants and crossing patterns that seemed readily available. In the end, when Dallas had a chance, Tony Romo threw the dumbest pass in a history of questionable decisions. I've spent a lot of time defending Romo, but that was indefensible.

Give credit to the Cowboys for fighting through a season that was bedeviled by injuries, primarily on defense. The Cowboys could have folded at plenty of points during the year, but they didn't. In the end though, it just wasn't enough. Now, on to a long offseason and all hopes turn towards the 2013 season.

KD will be by with a recap soon. Also, the community guidelines are still in effect. Any foul language, trolling or flame wars will result in bans. Don't make us do that. Handle defeat with class.

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