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Saturday Night Poll: Best Cowboys Nickname

We'll take a break from current Cowboys football to ponder a historical question on a Saturday night.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

A question has been raised about the best nickname in the NFL on this Facebook page. That got me thinking, what's the best Cowboys nickname? I put together a list below for a poll, but it's by no means comprehensive. So vote in the poll and then in the comments let us know your favorite, whether from the list or a write-in candidate. I limited the list to 10 candidates, here are some of the ones that didn't make the list.

The Shark (Kenny Gant)
The Hotel (Flozell Adams)
Primetime (Deion Sanders) - associated with other teams, too, not Cowboys-centric
Chuck Norris (Sean Lee) - too early for that
The Kitchen (Nate Newton)
The Big Cat (Leon Lett)
Playmaker (Michael Irvin) - he's included already down below under a different moniker
I'm sure you got plenty more.

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