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[VIDEO] Cowboys At The Three Quarters Pole: What Can We Count On?

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The Cowboys have now fought there way back to .500 after 12 games; with four to go what can we expect out of this bunch?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes real life interrupts this thing we've become obsessed with called NFL football. The tragedy that has befallen the Dallas Cowboys family is front and center on most of our minds for the moment. The coaches and players will have to tough things out and put on their uniforms tomorrow for a key road game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

With tragedy, as we all know, life goes on. Hopefully, with it in proper perspective, we can follow our favorite team the way it should be revered, as a three-hour escape for normal life.

I recorded my portion for this video earlier in the week. In it, I'm asked three questions by SB Nation's Brad Newberg about the Cowboys season to date and moving forward. I hope you'll enjoy it (short, less than four minutes) and let's move our discussion back to the play on the field for now.