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Brent Held on $500,000 Bond, Jerry Brown's Family Speaks About Tragedy

Josh Brent is being held in jail under a $500,000 bond. Meanwhile, Jerry Brown's family is speaking about the incident.

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In the wake of the Josh Brent wreck causing the death of Jerry Brown, we offer our condolences to those left behind. Jerry Brown, Jr. has a family, with a daughter on the way.The circumstances of his death could lead a family to rightfully feel angry, to lash out. No one would begrudge them if they did.

Instead, Brown's mother and grandmother are showing amazing grace and humanity. Hearing them address the death of Brown is inspiring. This section is borrowed from ESPN, so give them a click and read the whole article.

Brown's grandmother, Theresa Clark of St. Louis, told The Associated Press on Sunday that Brown and Brent grew close while they were teammates at the University of Illinois from 2007 to 2009. "I'm quite sure that Jerry thought the world of him and respected that young man," Clark said. She remembered her eldest grandchild -- one of 20 -- as a man who would stop at nothing to realize his dream of becoming a professional football player. "He lived for football. He loved it with all of his heart," she said, noting that Brown built a foundation of faith, hard work and discipline for his younger cousins to follow. "They praised him," she said. "They were all really upset and crying" when they found out about his death.

Brown's mother, Stacey Jackson of Champaign, Ill., told the AP that Brown was an expectant father. "I'm very excited and anxious to meet my granddaughter," she said. "She will be here in 2 more months. She is going to be well loved.

"I have scrapbooks and everything to show her what type of father she had. My youngest son, Jeremiah, will be there to push her on to ensure that she can be the best woman that she can be."

In the midst of tragedy, they celebrate the life lived by Jerry Brown, and look to the future for Brown's daughter. It sounds like that little girl will be in good hands.

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