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Josh Brent Posts Bail, Released, Needs Medical Attention

Josh Brent was able to post bail and was released from jail after being charged with intoxicated manslaughter in the death of Jerry Brown. He also spoke about his dead teammate.


Josh Brent is out of jail after posting bail. The Cowboys nose tackle now faces the prospect of life without his friend, and the guilt that comes along with having caused his death. As we're learning, Brent and Jerry Brown we're very close friends, practically family by some accounts. Brent had this to say upon leaving jail:

As he walked out looking shaken, he said: "Jerry Brown was my very best friend and I'm just trying to deal with his death right now."

We'll get more details of the accident, but one curious point was that Brown was dead yet Brent walked away. Was Brent even injured? Apparently he was, but nothing serious. His lawyer said he needs medical attention. He left jail with a bandaged head and arm and problems with his neck.

A little more about Jerry Brown:

Brown, a St. Louis native, played two years as a defensive lineman at Illinois. He also struggled academically and left in 2008 after his sophomore season but was undrafted out of college. After struggling to make it into the NFL, he was signed by the Indianapolis Colts this season as a free agent and rotated between the practice squad and the regular roster before being released. He joined the Cowboys in October.

He just kept plugging away and it seemed like he was making headway," said Gilmore, the players’ former college coach. Gilmore said Brent and Brown had been thrilled to be reunited as Cowboys. "It was a dream come true for those guys to think that they would have an opportunity to play pro football together," he said.

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