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One Billion Google Users Think The Patriots Will Win The Super Bowl And Other Nuggets Of Wisdom

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In May last year, Google and the various websites it owns were used by more than one billion people for the first time ever.

If you're a Google user, you're familiar with Google's autocomplete function: As you type something into the search box on Google, the autocomplete algorithm offers searches that might be similar to the one you're typing. Importantly, theses suggestions are based on other users' search activities. Effectively, you're getting the combined wisdom of one billion people (which is really scary in many different ways).

So without further ado, let's look at what Google users think about the Patriots and Giants.


Google users obviously think the Patriots will win the Super Bowl. But what makes the Google users so sure that the Patriots will win on Sunday? Another search query should provide the answer to that question, and the answer offered by the Google oracle is as simple and direct as it could be: Because the Patriots will cheat and the Giants are done already:


After the break, we look at some good news the Google legions have for the Cowboys, and we also swing by the NFC East.

As a Cowboys fan, this should come as a pleasant surprise. Google users are very optimistic about the Cowboys. Not only do they expect the Cowboys to beat the Giants next year, they also see the Cowboys winning the division and marching on to win the Super Bowl. And the users also offer some free advice for Jerry Jones:


Finally, we look at the remaining NFC East teams. The Google opinion seems to be evenly split for the Eagles, but there doesn't seem to be any middle ground - the Eagles are either the best or a joke. Then again, who would ever google something like "the Eagles are average".

The Redskins on the other hand throw up all sorts of questions about their geographical location. Which, on closer inspection, is really quite sad, given that the Redskins play in the Nation's capital.


One final word of advice from Google users: googling is good for you and is fun.


So if you're just a little bit bored right now as you wait for some - any - news about the Cowboys, google something. You'll be surprised what the autocomplete algorithm will return.