Draft/ Free Agency: A Shot At Redemption


Good Evening BTB Community, I have once again found myself with ideas to bounce off of you guys. I want to say a big thanks to all of you for your feedback on my Mockery post. I also want to extend some gratitude for getting a consideration for Fan Post Of The Week for my lament for a "Dog" post. Although if someone can help me out I didn't quite understand what "Handle of The Year" Candidate meant?

Anyway, after my earlier Mockery post I have taken into consideration all of your feedback and I agree whole heartily that maybe it was a little too good to be true. I couldn't just sit back and not re-think my process. Therefore Today's Post is centered around the same topic and in the end I will post my 1st Look at what I believe the 2012 Dallas Cowboys Roster will have in store.

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After the last post and a good nights rest I got to thinking about my choices and I realized that I needed to tweak the list because after studying and researching a lot more there is no way Janoris Jenkins falls to the 2nd unless some major wheeling a dealing takes place (ask Ric Flair). Therefore I even started to change my Draft and Free Agency completely, and it may be similar in some places but drastically different in others.

Once again, note that I believe the Cap Space will provide our Dallas Cowboys with options, but also allow them to be somewhat aggressive during the process. I also thinks it's important to know that I do believe in Jason Garrett's ability to evaluate talent. The same can be said for Rob Ryan, because simply put his whole "scheme" evolves around what talent he has. He did the best he could with the lack of "play makers" he was given. That being said I trust that they can get a few real players into Valley Ranch and set themselves up for a future run.

Before I unveil my new Mockery, it must be said that recently I was watching HBO's Hard Knocks with The Dallas Cowboys (both seasons), and after seeing some of the same mistakes with certain players I want reveal my what-to-do-with-who list.

Name Position Final Decision

Alan Ball


I'll pack his bags, no problem.

Martellus Bennett

Tight End

Great Blocker, lazy receiver and a distraction, replace him with John Phillips, and add a TE in the late rounds, or FA.

Keith Brooking

Inside Linebacker

Liability in coverage, interesting if he would take the minimum and use him to teach Lee/Carter/Lemon, but realistically, Thank you and goodbye.

Derrick Dockery

Offensive Guard

Useful in rotation purposes, but Holland would be my choice if you were keeping one.

Abram Elam


Safety pool isn't looking so good, keep him if he's reasonable, which he will be.

Montrae Holland

Offensive Guard

See Dockery, however the more I think about it, I see one of our younger guys stepping up. See him compete in Camp.

Bradie James

Inside Linebacker

See Brooking, he won't accept minimum, and already believes his days in Dallas are over. We wish you well in future endeavors

Jon Kitna



Matt McBriar


I believe he will make a full recovery from his injury and will be good for us again. Sign him.

Sammy Morris

Running Back

Murray, Jones, Tanner; Thanks for the help but your services are no longer needed.

Laurent Robinson

Wide Receiver

I don't see why everyone is down to lose the most productive receiver we had all year, the guy has chemistry with Romo. Sign him.

Anthony Spencer

Outside Linebacker

More I think about the less I want him, upgrade in FA, but most likely Draft.

Frank Walker


Walk on out of here.

Tony Fiammetta


Finally have a True Fullback, sign him.

Chris Griesen


Not the answer for 2nd String, nor 3rd String. Cut City.

Terence Newman


If I'm packing Alan Ball's Bags, I'll make sure to stuff him in one.

Kevin Ogletree

Wide Receiver

Good Young WR Depth. Cut this fool.

Now that we have that out of the way, I can now put together a list of Free Agent acquisitions. I know the above list may seem harsh to some, but so is life and we have to get the RKGs' of the world in here if we are going to make a Championship Caliber Team. The only negative part to this is that leaves some holes that must be addressed. After deliberating and trying to become a bit more realistic, I was able to tweak out a new and hopefully improved list.

Name Age Former Team Needs Addressed

Carl Nicks- OG


New Orleans Saints

Interior Offensive Line

Mike Adams - S


Cleveland Browns


Laurent Robinson - WR


Dallas Cowboys

WR Depth

Tony Fiammetta - FB


Dallas Cowboys

Run Blocking

Red Bryant


Seattle Seahawks

Pass Rush NT

Now before I get chastised, let me give you some explanations. The only big splash here would be the Carl Nicks signing, everything else is not going to break the bank. Mike Adams is going to be a Rob Ryan guy that would probably do better than Elam. Tennessee is not valuing Jason Jones enough in my opinion, they moved him out to Defensive End after a successful year at the Nose Tackle position. Then I can see us trying Ratliff out at Defensive End and adding another year to his career. Now on to my new Draft Selections for our 2012 Dallas Cowboys:

Round Name Need Addressed


Janoris Jenkins CB-N. Alabama



Vontaze Burfict- OLB -Arizona St.

Pass Rush


Tank Carder ILB- TCU

Inside Linebacker Depth


Josh Norman CB- Coastal Carolina

Secondary Depth


Brandon Lindsey DE -Pitt

DL Depth Rotation


Kellen Moore QB- Boise St.



Matt Daniels SS- Duke

Secondary Depth


Emil Igwenagu- TE Umass

TE Depth

Now after deliberating the Quarterback pick in Kellen Moore, I believe he could go in the 5th, I just don't see many people being interested in him because of his lack of size, but we can take a chance on him and see if we can develop him into a strong future Quarterback. If it doesn't pan out then I don't believe it's terrible to have him as a back up while we find an eventual replacement for Tony Romo.

So without further ado here is my 1st Full Look at what the 2012 Cowboy's Team will look like:

Position 1st String 2nd String 3rd String Depth


Tony Romo*

Kellen Moore

Stephen McGee



DeMarco Murray*

Felix Jones

Philip Tanner

Chauncey Washington


Tony Fiammetta*

Shaun Chapas



Wide Receiver

Miles Austin*

Dez Bryant*

Laurent Robinson*

Radway, Holley, Holmes

Tight End

Jason Witten*

John Phillips

Emil Igwenagu



Phil Costa

Kevin Kowalski

Bill Nagy



Carl Nicks*

David Arkin*

Kyle Kosier

Montrae Holland (if not cut)


Tyron Smith*

Doug Free*

Jeremy Parnell


Nose Tackle

Red Bryant* (DE)

Sean Lissemore

Josh Price-Brent


Defensive End

Jay Ratliff*

Marcus Spears

Jason Hatcher

Clifton Geathers, Kenyon Coleman, Brandon Lindsey

Outside Linebackers

DeMarcus Ware*

Vontaze Burfict*

Victor Butler

Baraka Atkins, Alex Albright

Inside Linebackers

Sean Lee*

Bruce Carter*

Tank Carder

Brashton Satele


Mike Jenkins*

Janoris Jenkins*

Orlando Scandrick

Josh Norman


Gerald Sensabaugh*

Mike Adams*

Barry Church, Danny McCray

Matt Daniels, Justin Taplin-Ross

Kicker/ Punter

Dan Bailey*

Matt McBriar-P *


J.P. LaDouceur*


No Star = Position Battle

Well there you have, my 2nd Chance at redemption. I believe this to be a better but also more realistic shot at our Roster. However my friends here will always let me know if I'm wrong. Then I'll just be back with another installment until I can get it right. Go ahead friends, roast away!

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