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Cowboys Weekend In Review: Jerry Says BPA, More Secondary Coaching And More

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Here's a quick look at some links from stories you may have missed over the past week.


Do Cowboys Take Too Much Heat For Late Season Fades? | Dallas Morning News

Takes a look at schedule difficulty that goes deeper than just overall record. This article was written with much more depth by ColdHardFootballFacts a short while ago, here.

2011 Tackling: The Cornerbacks | Pro Football Focus

No Cowboys make the Bottom 20 or the Top 20, but the article does throw some clown mascara on the Eagles trio of corners for their matador-like season. Hey, they beat us twice. We gotta clutch to something.


Jerry Jones Year In Review (video) | The Mothership

Included here, Jerry saying Dallas will go with the BPA approach to the draft. (angle courtesy of DMN writeup)

"Not at the cost of not taking the best player available," the team's owner and general manager responded. "If we're going to pinpoint a player that's probably best served in a free-agent decision. But when we get in that draft, we need to look at where we've got them on that draft board, where we've place them. That's a process I feel very good about.

"Now, if you're trying to jerry-rig that board to help at a certain position, first of all, nothing's assured that that player can come in and play for you that year. It's important to us that we look to real positions of need, and say, 'Well, if we're going to do something different, different from within, then we probably need to address that first and foremost in free agency.'"

FRIDAY (cont)

Joe Baker Expected To Be Hired As Assistant Secondary Coach | Sports Day

Baker was the linebackers coach for former Bucs head coach Raheem Morris' regime. He'll become the second set of eyes on the Cowboys troubled area, helping out Jerome Henderson, who came over from the Cleveland Browns to replace longtime Cowboys coach Dave Campo. Baker was a teammate of Jason Garrett while at Princeton.

Cowboys Show Interest In Stanford Routt | ESPN Dallas

Recently released Oakland Raiders cornerback Stanford Routt has several stats that stand in opposition of each other, but it appears Dallas is kicking the tires. He only allowed a 47% completion percentage, but had 17(!) penalties called on him. His PFF grades have never been complimentary since they began grading players in '08. From then til now: +0.1, -7.6, -9.3 and -6.7 last year.

What To Do With Anthony Spencer? | ESPN

Nothing earth-shattering here, but the franchise tag option would keep Almost Anthony in tow for about $8.8 million of that $20 million Stephen Jones has to play with.


McBriar Expects Full Recovery | Star Telegram

After successful surgery to remove a cyst, the Aussie punter now is focused on trying to return to Dallas once FA starts March 13th.

"He’s lucky, and I’m lucky because this is what I’ve been interested in," [Dr.] Spinner said. "There are lots of reasons why people have drop foot. Most are not related to tumors or this type of cyst."

"I don’t know how it’s going to end up," he said. "I really do hope that I stay in Dallas, but I guess for the time being, just getting healthy is my main focus. I’ve been given no reason not to believe that it would come back to where it was."

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