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NFL Writer: Cornerback Brandon Carr A Good Match For Dallas Cowboys

Brandon Carr: Able to leap tall quarterbacks in a single bound ...
Brandon Carr: Able to leap tall quarterbacks in a single bound ...

CBSSports' Pete Prisco played matchmaker yesterday and matched up one top free agent with each NFL team. He didn't include players like Drew Brees and Calais Campbell who will either sign an extension with their team or get franchise tagged, but all other free agents were fair game.

With the Cowboys in need of help at cornerback, Prisco proposes Chiefs corner Brandon Carr as the best match:

Dallas Cowboys Best match: Brandon Carr

They have to improve their corner play. It was a big problem last season. Carr could step in and be an immediate help -- especially in man coverage.

At cornerback, Carr might be the No. 1 guy available, at least according Prisco. In his rankings of the top 50 free agents, Carr comes in at No. 2.

How often do good man-cover players in their prime hit the market? This kid is about to get paid. He is this high because he plays a premium position well. He turns 26 in May.

Young. Premium position. Good locker room guy. What more could you want?

Unfortunately, Carr also remains very high on the Chiefs list of offseason priorities. For the Chiefs, both Carr and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe are scheduled to become free agents. The Chiefs can only use the tag on one of them, time is running short and they are already publicly courting Raiders CB Stanford Routt .

This could be an opportunity for the Cowboys, but they're not the only suitors: By Prisco's estimate, Carr would also be the best match for the Panthers, Packers and Raiders.

And in a related note, Prisco sees Anthony Spencer as the best match for the Chargers:

San Diego Chargers Best Match: Cowboys OLB Anthony Spencer.

Where has the pass rush been the past few seasons? Spencer hasn't lived up to the hype, but he has the ability to rush from the outside at times. He could be a boom-or-bust signing.

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