2012 blueprint for success... It all starts with Mr. Romo

Hello folks. I've been a member on this blog for many a year. I comment occasionally, more-so on game days and during the draft. Occasionally i'll write up a fanshot. But for the most part, i enjoy coming to this blog for the articles on the front page, the quality content in the fan posts, and to see what the rest of Cowboys nation is feeling.

This is my first fanpost in a long time. What makes me want to write a fan post? The fact that our team has something very special. It's not required for success, but it's a darn good piece of the puzzle to have solved. What piece am I talking about exactly?

Franchise QB

That's right. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a franchise QB who is in the prime of his career. He's had his ups, and he's had his downs. But right now, at this time, he is playing the best football of his career. He's deadly accurate. He's fluid in the pocket. He's got the arm strength to get the ball down the field. And he learns from his mistakes.

We cannot let this talent go to waste, because I personally feel we can ride our offense deep into the playoffs. But it's missing just a few pieces. A lot fewer pieces than the defense is missing, that's for sure. And I for one, would rather have a 1 elite unit and 1 mediocre unit, than 2 mediocre units. How can we get this done? Let me first get into what we have on the offense before I lay out the blueprint.

- Franchise QB? check!!!!!
Like I said before, Tony Romo is the real deal. He's got talent, experience, and playmakers around him.

- Quality No. 1 and 2 WR check! check!
Miles Austin and Dez Bryant... two guys who can do some damage to opposing cb's egos. Miles and Dez both seem to have had some injury issues. This is where I hope Mike Woicik really proves his worth. Get these guys conditioned, get these guys injury proof. Oh, and Jimmy Robinson, help Dez out with his route running/execution.

- Quality RB's? check!
Demarco Murray, stud. With the O line we had for him last year, he still produced big numbers. Hopefully he can fight the injury bug. Injury bug... Felix Jones.... thats unfortunate they need to be said in the same sentence. Anyhow, these 2 backs, with the blueprint I lay out, will milk the clock and keep our defense off the field.

- Stud TE? check!!!!
Jason Witten is the man. The Senator. Mr Dependable. Mr. First Down. Mr. Knock My Helmet Off Eagles and I'll still rumble for 25 more yards. Future HOF in my opinion. He's getting up there, but I have no doubt he has plenty of tread left on the tires to remain Mr. Romo's security blanket.

- Bookend Tackles? Check!
I don't really need to write anything about Tyron Smith. He's a manimal. A beast. The beast of the east for the next 10 years. He'll absolutely be manning the LT position, and I am in no way upset about it. Now, Doug Free... hard to gauge his 2011 season. Was he injured? Did he get lazy? who really knows? What I do know, is he has to be upset about his play last year. I expect him back to 09 and 10 form at RT. Can't wait to see him pushing chumps around, and geting to the second level on screens/sweeps etc. Not really worried about him returning to form.

That is a solid start. More than solid. Thrilled with that base of young talent. Now...

Step 1. SIGN Carl Nicks

I know I know, he'll demand a monster contract. He's worth every penny. He's young. He's very very good. And he'll help Doug Free on the right side. This, in my opinion, is a no-brainer for this team. Hope Mr. Callahan can work his magic and help the Cowboys lock up his former player.

Step 2. DRAFT 1st rounder - David Decastro

Consistent interior lineman for one of the best college qb prospects in some time. The talent is not questioned. What is questioned - taking an interior olineman at 14. Especially after signing Nicks to a fat deal. Is it worth it? Again, in my opinion... ABSOLUTELY!

Now - does this keep us from going out and signing a FA C? I'm not so sure it does, especially considering the quality FA C's available are 30 and above. Will it be a feat to sign Nicks, a FA C, and Laurent Robinson. Probably. I haven't researched the numbers, but I am confident Mr. Stephen Jones M.D. (Doctorate in Capology) can make it work. However, I don't like the idea of applying a bandage on the o line, so i'll stick with our youngins.

So what does that give us?

Our playmakers with this line...

LT: Tyron Smith - 21 years old
LG: David Decastro - 22 years old
C: Bill Nagy/Kevin Kowalski/David Arkin - 24/23/24 yrs old respectively
RG: Carl Nicks - 26 years old
RT: Doug Free - 28 years old

Imagine Demarco Murray running through holes with this line(yes, this line would actually be able to produce holes). Imagine, Tony Romo not having to go all Romo in the backfield just to make time to throw to his receivers. He could focus on the progression in stead of scrambling for his life.

The advantages of this line would be applicable to the entire team. This would allow the offense to bleed the clock, keeping the defense off the field. It would allow Miles Austin and Dez Bryant and Laurent Robinson to go as deep as they wanted, without having to cut off there routes early due to pressure. We would have a top 5 offense, almost guarenteed. Book it. Bet on it. Take it to the bank. Whatever you want to do.

Now... The defense. I know, everyone here is probably frightened because we spent so much money and our lone first rounder on the offense. This draft is deep in cb's. Lets pick one up the 2nd. Chase Minnifield anyone? Sure I'll bite on him. Let's pick up Terrell Thomas while we are it. Low risk, high reward. Wouldn't have to play right away, shouldn't cost a whole lot.

Rds 3 through 7


Boom! Playoffs, here we come!

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