2012 Free Agency Predictions

I've been reading all these posts about free agents and who Dallas will sign and for how much, and I came up with the idea that we need to have a post to discuss what price people will expect free agents to be signed at.

I've attached a few links that'll should help people in their analysis.

The first is player contract information. The link is for the Cowboys, but you'll be able to get other teams information from this:

  • Rotoworld's Player Contract Information
  • Spotrac's Player Contract Information
  • The following are links showing some of the important 2012 free agents:

  • NFL Trade Rumors Top 50 2012 NFL Free Agents
  • NFL Trade Rumors NFL Free Agents -- by position
  • Football Future's look at top free agents by position
  • Walter Football's look at top free agents by position
  • Some notables (in positions of Dallas needs) from NFL Trade Rumors Top 50 are:

    2. Carl Nicks - G

    5. Mario Williams - DE

    6. Cortland Finnegan - CB

    7. Calais Campbell - DE

    14. Ben Grubbs - G

    24. Brent Grimes - CB

    25. Anthony Spencer - LB

    26. Brodrick Bunkley - DT

    29. Paul Soliai - DT

    34. Brandon Carr - CB

    38. Tyvon Branch - S

    39. Chris Myers - C

    46. Laurent Robinson - WR

    49. LaRon Landry - S

    You can do this anyway you want, but let me suggest that you give your predictions in the following format.

    Player, Position, Old Team, New Team, Years, Total Contract, Signing Bonus -- Explanation

    To start this off, I'll throw out a few predictions:

    Carl Nicks, G, Saints, Cowboys, 7 Years, $63M, $18M bonus -- his contract is a little bit better than his previous running mate Jahri Evans received.

    Mario Williams, DE, Texans, Texans, 6 Years, $84M, $15M bonus -- I'm giving him the Julius Peppers contract. Not quite as productive as Peppers but he is 3 years younger than Peppers when Peppers was signed, and despite the last couple of years, he has been healthy.

    Laurent Robinson, WR, Cowboys, Cowboys, 5 Years, $20M, $4M bonus -- I have no comps so I'm totally making this up (although this is slightly better than the contract Patrick Crayton signed with the Cowboys in 2007 so that number could get bumped up). It isn't chicken feed, but it isn't exorbitant. He wants to stay in Dallas, and I think this make sense for the Cowboys.

    Martellus Bennett, TE, Cowboys, Cowboys, 3 Years, $6M, $1.5M bonus -- The TE everybody Cowboy fan hates (except when he is opening up holes in the running game). I don't think he is going to get much interest, I think those numbers are about right (this is a bit worse than what Miami paid Anthony Fasano). He's never had an opportunity to be the "man," and Jason Witten isn't going to last forever.

    BTW - my numbers are just guesses. I make no representations that my predictions are even close to being correct.

    Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.