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BTB Business: Welcome A New Front Page Writer

Hey BTB community,

We've been looking to add a new voice to the front-page. So after talking it over with the staff of writers, we decided there was one guy that deserved a spot at BTB. You guys know him, he's been filling up the FanPosts for over a year, and he can't get enough of the NFL draft. The blogger formerly known as ChiaCrack will now be posting to the front page under his real name, Archie Barberio.

Archie will continue to provide the great analysis of the draft that he's been doing in the FanPosts, but he'll also be adding other subjects to his arsenal of stories. So welcome aboard, Archie!

Make the jump to read Archie's introduction post.

In addition, I'm considering adding another writer. So if you're interested, send me an email to btbnationwide at But only send it if you can write at least 4-5 articles every week, think you have good command of the English language, and have a personality that can take criticism from the rest of the community. Also, being a regular contributor in FanPosts or somewhere on the web really helps.

--- By Archie Barberio

You know how they say hard work pays off? Well my Blogging The Boys dream has finally come true. When I first found this site in July of 2010, I was blown away by the outstanding writing from the front page writers and the excellent community that resides here. Prior to finding the Mecca of Dallas Cowboys websites, I was an avid member of the official Dallas Cowboys website. Over the course of two years on that website, I became disinterested in the community; the overwhelming negativity made me search for a new home. I found BTB and for the most part I was welcomed with open arms.

After a few months of avid commenting, I decided to try my hand at the FanPosts. My first couple of FanPosts did not go so well. I have always had a passion for writing, but I noticed early on that my skill set was not up to par. I worked on my spelling and the delivery of my content. Over the next few months, rabblerousr blessed me with plenty of recognition and I thank him for all of his support. Winning weekly Rabbie Awards was a true honor.

When I first began posting, I was basically a loose cannon and I needed some leadership. I vowed to myself that I would try to be more neutral in my opinions and attempt to calm down in my writing. Then I began exchanging emails with the great OCC and Tom Ryle. Both took the time out to coach me and teach me. Thank you for taking the time to mentor me, I cannot express in words my deep gratitude.

Everyone knows that my niche is the NFL Draft. I have a deep passion for it and my coverage of the draft has received mostly positive reviews. The draft will be my bread and butter during the draft season, but I want to make a one thing clear, I am very knowledgeable about other Cowboys topics.

I intend to write about different topics centering around the Dallas Cowboys. This is something I am looking forward to because it allows me to open up my style of writing and expand into other markets. I have plenty of fresh ideas and topics in a notebook that I keep updated daily, so there will be plenty of draft talk, but expect a lot more diversity from me now that I am on the front page.

The front page will give me access to the greatest Cowboys audience on the Internet, you make this site an even better place. Having such an educated audience makes this an even better writing job.

I have ventured into the podcast territory recently, I want to thank KD Drummond for taking the chance to feature me on a segment with him. KD's show was a great stepping stone for me.

My last shout out goes to our commander in chief, Dave Halprin. Dave has taken a leap of faith with me and I am very honored that he has given me a chance to write for his site. This is such a great moment for me in my life right now, so I wanted to take the time to thank Dave.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that you, the reader, should expect my best work. This is the big leagues and I am ready to make a push for an all-star bid. Thank you to everyone on the BTB staff and thank you to all of the readers. It is such an honor to be on the front page now. Hard work pays off, but hard work never ends. I am going to work even harder than I did before, I will not underachieve on here. I look forward to starting a great new chapter in my life, with my BTB family.

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