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Cowboys VP Stephen Jones on Brooking & James: "All good things come to an end."

Per Rainer Sabin from the Dallas Morning News, Stephen Jones indicated on Tuesday that Keith Brooking and Bradie James may have reached the end of their playing days in Dallas:

"Bradie and Brooking are two of the best leaders, personalities I have ever had the pleasure of being around," Jones said. "They're great guys. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. That's what we've got to decide. But no one respects those guys more than we do, our family does, than the Cowboys do. Obviously when you make a decision to continue or discontinue, it is a big one."

Obviously, this doesn't come as news for Cowboys fans, but it is the first time that the Cowboys have been this explicit about the two inside linebackers.

Both are deserved veterans. Bradie James’ six straight seasons of leading the team in tackles is the longest such streak in club history and the six seasons is also a club-high since the franchise started compiling tackle stats in 1979. Keith Brooking joined the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent in 2009 and was the starting middle linebacker for two seasons next to Bradie James. The Cowboys will surely do right by both players as they transition them off the roster, but it doesn't necessarily mean their time in football is coming to an end.

Bradie James just turned 31 last month, and could conceivably look to hang on an extra year or two as a defender for another team. As for Keith Brooking, it's unlikely that he'll look for a roster spot with another team at age 36, but there have been persistent rumors about him joining or transitioning into the Cowboys staff in some function.

So what say ye, would you like to see a Coach Brooking on the Cowboys coaching staff?