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BTB Business: Welcome A New Front Page Writer

Last week, when I announced the addition of Archie (formerly ChiaCrack) to the front page, I mentioned we might add one more writer. Well, we decided to do that. The person we're adding is a specialist in football strategy and his FanPosts always grab a bundle of recs from the community. So it's time to put him to work on a regular basis.

BTB, please welcome the newest front-page writer, CotySaxman!

Below is Coty's own introduction...

-- By CotySaxman

Sorry, folks. No new user name here. I mean, really, is it worth it to set up a brand new account, just to
add a space? As many of you may have assumed, my name is Coty Saxman. I’m a part time Sports Zone
(ESPN) reporter, student of Game Design at RIT, a former infantry Marine, a husband and a father. I’ll be
turning 23 sometime during OTAs.

I discovered BTB last summer, mid-lockout. While in Japan, I yearned for contact with other Cowboys
fans. I joined the mothership, jumping into discussions about Roy Williams and Marion Barber. Within
a week, the persistent hatred and bickering had me frantically Googling a new home. I was blessed to
happen upon BTB, wait out my 24-hour probation, and dive head-first into impassioned, intelligent
discussions about all things Cowboys. Before I knew it, I was writing FanPosts, constantly refreshing my
phone until 4am, reading every front page story as it was posted.

Now, it seems, everything has come full circle. I’m excited to think that, for some, the first impression of
BTB will be of an article with my name on it. I hope that I can help sate the appetites of the thousands of
members and lurkers who visit this site daily looking for Cowboys news, discussions and debates.

My commitment, as a writer for BTB, is to provide quality, well-developed prose for the perusal of our
members. My specialty is football strategy. I like to consider the finer points of players’ contributions to
the team, and the impact of the scheme, play-call, and game plan on what we witness on Sunday (and
Monday, and Thursday, and Saturday…). I’m also fond of statistical analysis, and I won’t shy away from
publishing my personal opinions, albeit with appropriate supporting evidence.

As for my opinions on the Cowboys, there are a few key values I hold. First, I’m not a negative person. I
find that, when analyzing a subject or situation, there are typically both positive and negative aspects. I
choose to focus on the positive. Second, I do not feel entitled to belittle the ones who wear the star. If
DeSean Jackson drops a pass, I’ll laugh openly (in the privacy of my own home, not the BGN open game
thread). If Miles Austin does the same, I’ll hope he doesn’t do it again, and appreciate the contributions
he’s made to the team. This extends to coaches, executives, and Jerry Jones himself. Finally, I may argue
positions that I do not believe in from time to time. This is merely an exercise in dialectic, and I hope
that it will enhance discussions in the future (though I know, at some point, I’ll be hit with a massive
block-quote archive showing my self-contradictions).

Finally, I’d like to thank Dave for giving me this opportunity as well as OCC and KD for their input. I’m
privileged to join such an elite and accomplished staff, and look forward to earning the respect of this
outstanding audience.

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