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SB Nation To Launch YouTube Channel March 1st, BTB To Contribute Cowboys Goodness

You thought it stopped here? Muahahaha!
You thought it stopped here? Muahahaha!

Tomorrow is a huge day in the evolution of this thing we have going here.

March 1st, 2012 marks the launching of a new endeavor for this network of the finest sports blogs in the webisphere. SB Nation's YouTube Channel will go live, with a myriad of video content to augment the dynamic reading experience you're accustomed to here on Blogging The Boys and elsewhere in the family.

Of course, BTB will have a place at the table, as yours truly will be involved in the exciting endeavor. I'll have more details in the coming days.

Yes, your worst fears have come true, you might have to look at me as well as read my drivel. I apologize in advance, but I haven't been holding on to these incriminating blackmail photos of Dave for no reason, ya'know? Besides, the Dallas Cowboys are kind of a big deal in the sporting world and probably require coverage that will be important to the movement.

If you follow the comings and goings of the sports reporting world, you've heard by now that SBN secured the talents of both Bomani Jones and Amy K. Nelson over the past few months. If you don't know who they are, google'em! They headline a collection of talent that you'll hopefully become familiar with over the next few weeks and months.

Or, you can check out the previews of SB Nation's YouTube Channel! Follow the jump for some hand-selected previews, and then go subscribe! The launch is tomorrow, and there is much more behind the curtain than what is here to whet your appetite.

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