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This time of year is full of insanity by NFL fans all over the world. It is a lot of fun to make out these off season projections. Even though our minds change over and over again, and we become fickle boyfriends and dump players as soon as we find someone better; it's just plain entertaining. Just in the last week since my last post I have changed my picks just as I predicted I would.

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The last few Mockery Posts have been long, tedious, extrememly difficult, but nonetheless like the slogan of The Fattiest Fast Food Chain Champion :"I'm Lovin' It"! The point is this is going to be The 4th Installment of Ice Bone's Free Agency/ Draft Mockery. Let me remind you in the last post I only had 4 Keepers from our current batch of Free Agents.This week after pondering Last Week's, I decided to cut another Cowboy Free Agent. The new keepers are as follows:




Anthony Spencer

Outside Linebacker

Pass Rush- Face It, He’s a great run-stopper and he dropped into coverage a lot, maybe he’ll get more sacks if we have a better Secondary, besides Mario Williams is NOT coming here.

Laurent Robinson

Wide Receiver

Passing Offense- Robinson keeps getting under appreciated but people need to realize that he was the most productive receiver, and formed a great threat for Tony Romo.

Tony Fiammetta


Running/ Blocking- Our run game is designed for a true fullback and Fiammetta fits well. It now looks as if he’s getting the tender, I just hope his "mystery" illness doesn’t rear it’s ugly head again.

As you can see I decided that with so many questions surrounding "Drop-Foot" it wasn't a risk I was willing to take especially if he would eventually end up on IR for the year. After looking back at 2011 Chris Jones did very well with the opportunities he was given and with another year he could only improve his average. Besides the money saved can be used to get some more help in other areas of weakness.

Also I had to tweak my acquisition list after the news broke that The Dallas Cowboys are "coveting" Brandon Carr or Cortland Finnegan. Now I'm assuming for this post that this "news" is accurate. Therefore that can change a lot of things about the direction this team is taking. This could all be a bunch of hoopla, and maybe Their respective Agents are only saying these things to get the market to open up even more. However for this post I assume the pundits are correct in their assessment of late. With that being said here is my Newest Free Agency Acquisition List:




Brandon Carr- 26 Kansas City


Secondary- This team has to improve in this area, and Carr is a vast improvement over Newman, He isn’t going to fix it all, but the Draft is deep, and he can help a lot.

Channing Crowder- 28 Miami Dolphins

Inside Linebacker

ILB Depth- This another area that lacks depth, after cutting James and Brooking we are going to need to address this. Crowder would fit well in our scheme, and can be a starter if Carter isn’t ready.

Mike Adams- 30 Cleveland Browns


Secondary- I really want Adams here instead of Elam, He is more athletic to me, and I believe he could really help with leadership back there.

Scott Wells- 31 Green Bay Packers


Interior O-Line- After researching more, I think it’s a safer move to get a veteran in this position. Costa may put up a fight, but I want a Center who can make the calls not a Guard having to communicate everything.

Jason Campbell- 30 Oakland Raiders


QB Depth- We need a 2nd Guy with Kitna leaving and I feel a heck of a lot better putting Campbell in than McGee.

Now that Free Agency has been tweaked, it's time for everyone's favorite part of the posts: The Mockery. Not only did the Brandon Carr thing affect Free Agency it has also forced me to look into my prior Drafts and fix those as well. So without further ado, here is the Latest Draft Mockery:



Need Addressed

RD 1: David DeCastro- Stanford

Offensive Guard

Interior O-Line- BPA says DeCastro all the way. Here is about as good a guarantee as we can get, He starts day 1.

RD 2: Nick Perry- Southern California

Defensive End

Pass Rush- This guy impressed a lot and I’m sure he impressed rush happy Ryan. Great Value in this Round.

RD 3: Markelle Martin- Oklahoma State

Free Safety

Secondary- We need a Free Safety. Period.

RD 4: Jamell Fleming- Oklahoma


Secondary- Need to get younger and fix this area, Good Value IMO.

RD 4: Michael Egnew- Missouri

Tight End

Passing Game- Need an actual TE for depth especially seeing how the league is evolving into a passing league. He will fit well here.

RD 5: Jonathan Massaquoi- Troy

Outside Linebacker

Pass Rush- Not very impressive at Combine, but I’ll take a chance on him in the 5th, hopeful Ware can be an influence.

RD 6: Justin Bethel- Presbyterian


Secondary- He improved after the Combine, I will stick with him for now.

RD 7: Najee Good- West Virginia

Inside Linebacker

ILB Depth- We need depth and I’m confident he could contribute even though he is a late pick.

Well that does it for Part IV, I understand you readers will have a lot to say and as always, I welcome any edits, or criticisms you may have. I'm seeing a Part V in the near future but for now here is something to sink your teeth into. I hope you had a great read and as I leave you I will leave you with my Updated Depth Chart.



Back Up



Tony Romo

Jason Campbell

Stephen McGee


DeMarco Murray

Felix Jones

Philip Tanner


Tony Fiammetta

Shaun Chapas


Tight End

Jason Witten

John Phillips

Michael Egnew

Wide Receiver

Miles Austin

Dez Bryant

Laurent Robinson

Jesse Holley

Andre Holmes

Raymond Radway


Chris Wells

Phil Costa

Bill Nagy


David DeCastro

David Arkin

Kyle Kosier

Brandon Carter


Offensive Tackle

Tyron Smith

Doug Free

Jeremy Parnell


Outside Linebacker

DeMarcus Ware

Anthony Spencer

Victor Butler

Jonathan Massaquoi

Alex Albright

Inside Linebacker

Sean Lee

Bruce Carter

Channing Crowder

Najee Good

Orie Lemon

Defensive End

Marcus Spears

Nick Perry

Jason Hatcher

Clifton Geathers

Nose Tackle

Jay Ratliff

Sean Lissemore

Josh Price-Brent

Robert Callaway


Mike Jenkins

Brandon Carr

Orlando Scandrick

Jamell Fleming

Mario Butler

Justin Bethel


Gerald Sensabaugh

Mike Adams

Markelle Martin

Barry Church

Danny McCray

Justin Taplin-Ross


Dan Bailey

Chris Jones

Kai Forbath

Long Snapper

LP Ladouceur



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