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Monday Morning Musings About The Dallas Cowboys And Stuff

Here are some random thoughts and musings on this Monday morning.

- - Thank God the Super Bowl is behind us. I tried to avoid the coverage of this year's Super Bowl as much as I could but I still felt overwhelmed by all coverage that passed through my carefully constructed firewalls. But that's behind us. Now I just need to find a way to weather the onslaught of articles titled "What the Cowboys can learn from this year's Super Bowl".

Why doesn't anybody write an article about what the Cowboys could learn from, say, the Cardinals @ Eagles game in week ten, which the Cardinals won 21-17 and in which they scored not one but two fourth quarter TDs to win the game. Or any other NFL game for that matter.

- - What's up with Coach Joe D? Apparently the Raiders were denied permission to interview Dallas special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis about a possible assistant head coach position. Not really sure what to make of this. Do the Cowboys think that highly of him that they want to retain him? Did they want to protect him from a lateral move? Or are they trying to get back at Oakland for some kind of perceived sleight? The only thing I do know is on the few sideline shots during games this season, DeCamillis was far and away the guy I saw talking to Garrett most often. Is Joe DeCamillis the Jason Whisperer?

- - Have opinion, will publish. We're approaching the high point of draft season, that wonderful time of the year when hope springs eternal and everybody suddenly becomes an expert in player evaluation and selection. One of the joys of draft season is that everybody can have an opinion, and nowadays anyone can publish one. It's the time of year when any random internet dude knows more than our coaches and scouts. Combined.

- - Update your mock drafts with an extra fourth round pick: The NFL won't officially announce the compensatory picks for the 2012 draft until the league meeting in late March/early April, but it looks like the Cowboys could expect a fourth round pick. The number and value of compensatory picks is determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors. More and more pundits are expecting the Cowboys to get an extra fourth rounder, which would likely be a pick in the 130s. We won't know for sure until the official announcement or until AdamJT13 publishes his projections (if he does them again this year) but until then, keep that extra pick in mind as you mock your way through this year's draft prospects.

- - Free Agency before the draft or vice versa? Although it wasn't designed that way, I actually liked the way the offseason was run last year, with the draft ahead of free agency. My thinking was that this would allow teams to draft entirely for BPA, because they could use free agency after the draft to fill their remaining needs. I always thought the other way around would kind of force your hand in the draft: If for example the Cowboys fail to sign a free agent corner this year, wouldn't they be under that much more pressure to draft a corner high in the draft, and wouldn't that be just the opposite of BPA? After all, you don't really want to sign a street free agent in August to play corner for you.

Well, looks like Jason Garrett thinks it's exactly the other way around and thinks free agency will reduce draft needs:

"In an ideal situation you want to address your needs prior to the draft. Hard to do that, but you're trying to do that so you can draft as purely as possible. Couldn't do that last year."

I think if the Cowboys wanted to address their needs prior to the draft, they'd need a lot more than the $20 million or so cap space they are reported to have. But I'll defer to the front office on this one.

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