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Cowboys Quickies: QB At 14? Say No To Robinson? Trade Felix? What's Going On Here?

Withdrawal (n): the syndrome of often painful physical and psychological symptoms that follows discontinuance of an addicting drug.

Yep, it's about that time. Post-Super Bowl, we all go through a bit of withdrawal knowing that there is no more football to be played, and that we actually have to develop new excuses on why we can't go visit with the in-laws or take trips to the shopping malls. Unfortunately, as Dallas fans we are much further along in the process, as many of us tuned out this year's playoffs. Regardless, the season is upon us when all seemingly off-the-wall ideas get airtime and are given consideration; even ideas that were once considered blasphemous. Take a stroll with us around the interwebs.

Dallas Cowboys | Pro Football Weekly

PFW, not always the most reliable source (but they're working on it) but they do break quite a few rumors and stories, took a stab at outlining Dallas' offseason needs on both sides of the ball. While they had some errors in their summary (they say Bradie has a year left, he doesn't) I thought it would be an interesting discussion point to bring up their take on the QB position.

1 — QB: No one is replacing Romo. Yet. But Romo turns 32 in April and is entering a crucial season. With the heat turned up on Jason Garrett and Romo, there could be major changes in store if this team is not competitive. Stephen McGee has limited potential, and Jon Kitna could retire. Expect the Cowboys to be players for a QB in the draft, maybe even in Round One.

And... go!

Cowboys Position Series: Wide Receivers | ESPN Dallas

ESPN's motley crew is taking a look at each of the positions on the team and giving breakdowns on who is on the roster, who is available in free agency and the draft, and then giving their opinions. Fortunately, Bryan Broaddus is involved towards the tail end of the articles to give his "Scout's Take". I found this point of view particularly interesting.

Bryan Broaddus’ Scout’s Eye: The Cowboys will be set at starters with Austin and Bryant. The biggest question will be if the club makes the effort to try and re-sign Robinson or if it allows him to leave via free agency. I would not be surprised if the front office allows Robinson to walk. If that is the case, then his numbers will need to be replaced. Let's be honest, Ogletree can't do the job as the third receiver. Ogletree has been given every opportunity to step up and take that job, but he can't do it. If not Robinson or Ogletree, there is Holley, Harris, Radway and Holmes. Holley had some productive snaps but mainly on special teams. Harris was off and on the practice squad. Radway is an interesting player because if he didn't get injured on the last play of the preseason game against the Dolphins, there was a great chance he was going to make the roster. The plan will be to try and find another Robinson in free agency with the available receivers. I don't see them using a high pick on a receiver but taking the approach of looking at a height-weight-speed player later.

I love Broaddus, so it's interesting to think that the Dallas front office wouldn't be looking to bring Robinson back, especially seeing how bent he is on staying with the Cowboys...

Robinson: 'Hopefully my dream can come true and I can stay a Cowboy' | SportsDay DFW

"I’m loving wearing this jersey," Robinson said at the "Baskets of Hope" event. "I’m hoping to stay here as a Cowboy. But we’ll see on March 13 when free agency starts. Hopefully my dream can come true and I can stay a Cowboy."

And his wife, Kat Robinson, is on the same page, adding that they love Dallas and don’t want to leave.

"I know we’re not supposed to be looking at houses, but we are ready," Kat said. "It’s an amazing city and even when he’s done with his NFL career, I can see us possibly retiring in Dallas."

While I'm not in total disagreement that Robinson's opportunities came because of the focus defenses had for Austin and Bryant, there is a big something to be said for making good on said opportunities.


Here are some other Cowboys headlines from around the webisphere.

Should the Cowboys trade Felix Jones? | NFC East Blog

Love Dan Graziano, and he is just getting in with the convo based on that motley crew I discussed earlier... but this is just silly. Felix Jones is a change of pace back. When Dallas finally has someone to be a lead back, DeMarco Murray, you look to trade him? For a fourth or fifth round pick? Never mind, as the article states, why would a team trade a fourth or fifth rounder for a change of pace guy with four years on his legs when they could just draft a 21 year old for the same job.

With linemen, Cowboys hope draft fortunes change after picking Tyron Smith | DMN

Rainer Sabin reviews the Cowboys struggles to find answers along the line.

Tiger Woods calls Tony Romo 'a hell of a golfer' | ESPN Dallas

They are Pebble Pro-Am partners, a combo that couldn't really get much better for this huge fan of both.

Phillips Looks Ready For Backup TE Role | The Mothership

Don't forget, Martellus Bennett is a free agent this offseason.

McBriar Has Surgery, Deemed Successful | The Mothership

Good for Mat, hopefully his foot condition will be recovered fully by the time camp comes around; personally I'd hate to see his time in Dallas come to and end like this.

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