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BTB's YouTube Channel Is Live! Volume 1.01 "Make It To The Draft, Cowboys"

I teased the SB Nation YouTube channel a little yesterday with the window dressing of the entire movement (go subscribe if you haven't already), but now it's time for the meat and potatoes. The BTB YouTube Channel is now live, complete with my first video submission in which I discuss some moves I'd like to see Dallas make in order to put themselves in BPA-mode for the upcoming draft.

If you'd like to jump straight to the video, head to the jump.

Now I know some of our readers prefer to stay just that, our readers, and do not do fancy podcasts or videos in order to get their new content. I'm well aware of that and I will do my best to balance the opinions I share on the videos with what's in the written articles. However, in the ever-changing world of social media and the webisphere, it is an exciting time for us to be able to expand to this level; as SB Nation attempts to revolutionize the way sports fans of all types get their sports fix.

There are plenty of people that do look to the video medium first, as opposed to reading blogs. While we remain dedicated to our core following, expansion isn't a bad thing as long as you respect those that have supported you. In that vein, the video content posted on BTB will only be Cowboys related.

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So, if you are into the video movement, or are open to trying new things, please visit and subscribe to the YouTube Page "sbnbloggingtheboys". I'm new to YouTube subscriptions, I think they queue up new content from all the channels you follow and play them back-to-back, which seems pretty cool.

Follow the jump for a taste of what I'll be bringing. There will be opinion pieces, news pieces, and as major events such as the draft and actual games take place, analysis.

Here's the premiere installment, "Make It To The Draft". The "like" button on YouTube works just like the 'rec' button here. Pay no attention to the little thumbs down button. Just kidding, feel free if that's how you feel about the video's content; I can take it. Of course, your feedback is welcome in all forms, either here or on the video page. And no, I didn't pick the screen cap that YouTube is using as the still for the video... don't know how that happened.


Side note, I noticed some skepticism about the more "national" view channels that SBN will be broadcasting. I will say this. Even though I despise the station for being sensationalistic, I still watch ESPN because I often have the TV on throughout the day. Bomani Jones is, by far, the polar opposite of what it is we don't like about how they discuss sports. I'd really suggest giving his show a shot, despite your impression from the promo video. Also note that over the next few days, channels should be live for just about all of the 32 team blogs. Check them out! We are just getting started.

Feel free to ask any questions about the channel, the video content, or my fruitless quest to make my son's first words "Fear The Star".

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