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BTB Community Mock Draft Kickoff: The Sign Up Thread

BTB 2012 Community <strong>Mock</strong> Draft
BTB 2012 Community Mock Draft

NOTE: If you are assigned a team, you need to email me at to check in IMMEDIATELY!

Subject Line: BTB Mock [your BTB screenname] [your slot number]

i.e.: BTB Mock [n8dgr8] [pick#1]

With free agency in full swing now, Cowboys fans finally have some semblance of an idea where our needs will lie once the draft rolls around. That would seem to be the case for quite a few NFL teams, who at least have an idea whether or not they have potential stars or JAGs filling certain positions. Doesn't it seem like the perfect time to open up our interactive activities? Without further ado, here is BTB's 2012 Community Mock Draft.

The way this will work is simple, first come first serve. Sign your name up next to the team that you are interested in making a pick for. Last year, I gave the honor of the Dallas Cowboys pick to ChiaCrack; but since he's joined us on the front page that slot is open. I will take nominations in the comment sections (NOT FOR YOURSELF!).

For the rest of the teams, it's first come first serve. Once you request a team, I will confirm the assignment in the comments so you know for sure.

Once all the teams are selected, I'll post a "due by" schedule on when you need to have your selections in to me. If they want them, I would like to assign the Eagles to JimmyK and the Giants to BigBlueIntervention. All teams will go to BTB posters.

You will be required to provide AT LEAST the basic information for the draft pick, although it would be nice if you also gave a blurb about why you made the selection. If you don't provide your pick by the date assigned, your pick will be made for you so we can keep things going. Since we are short on time, with 46 days left and 32 picks, we're going back to back. I recommend having a draft board a couple players deep so as soon as you're on the clock you have a good idea where you are going.

So stake claim to your team now - I'll edit in the assignments here in the main post. I've provided the draft needs from to help out in knowing where you should focus.

Follow the jump for the team assignment grid.

Draft Slot Team 2011 Record Position Needs (by priority) Community Writer
1 Indianapolis (2-14) 34DT, CB, QB, WR,ROT, OG, TE, LOT, OC, 34DE, 34OLB, FS, SS n8dgr8
2 Washington (5-11) QB, CB, ROT, OG, ILB, FS, SS Dire Wolf
3 Minnesota (3-13) LOT, SS, CB, WR, OG, 43OLB, ILB, FS gasman8
4 Cleveland (4-12) WR, ROT, RB, OG, 43OLB, CB, SS, TE, QB, 43DE Tennessee_Jed
5 Tampa Bay (4-12) C, RB, CB, ROT, ILB, 43OLB, FS Bermystar
6 St. Louis (2-14) 43DT, 43OLB, CB, WR, LOT, C, G, RB Sean N
7 Jacksonville (5-11) CB, WR, ROT, 43DE, RB, QB i dont rent Im a romowner
8 Miami (6-10) WR, QB, ROT, OG, TE, 43DE, FS, SS, CB, 43OLB, ILB, @Tonekupone
9 Carolina (6-10) 43DT, WR, OG, ROT, ILB, CB, 43OLB, FS, SS, RB TARHEEL PAUL
10 Buffalo (6-10) 43DE, 43OLB, LOT, WR, TE, ROT, CB LeedsCowboy
11 Kansas City (7-9) ROT, 34DT, QB, LOT, TE, CB TK19
12 Seattle (7-9) QB, 43DE, 43OLB, ILB, RB, OG staubachfan
13 Arizona (8-8) LOT, OC, 34OLB, CB, OG, ROT, SILB, WR, FS, SS, QB thebigham
14 Dallas (8-8) CB, 34DT, 34DE, 34OLB, ILB, FS, SS, C, OG Birddog26
15 Philadelphia (8-8) ILB, 43OLB, OG, RB, WR, ROT, OC, 43DT, CB, TE JimmyK
16 NY Jets (8-8) ROT, 34OLB, SS, FS, CB, WR, OG, 34DT, C, RB Joe21
17 Cincinnati (9-7) CB, RB, WR, OG, FS, 43OLB, 43DE, SS blackgallagher
18 San Diego (8-8) ROT, OG, CB, SS, 34OLB, TE, WR, 34DT, 34DE, ILB matt575
19 Chicago (8-8) LOT, 43DE, CB, TE, WR, 43OLB, OG, ILB, SS, RB Hookem Up
20 Tennessee (9-7) 43DE, CB, C, FS, SS, G, WR, TE, 43DT, 43OLB Rohpuri
21 Cincinnati (9-7) CB, RB, WR, OG, FS, 43OLB, 43DE, SS blackgallagher
22 Cleveland (4-12) WR, ROT, RB, OG, 43OLB, CB, SS, TE, QB, 43DE Tennessee_Jed
23 Detroit (10-6) CB, LOT, OC, OG, ROT, FS, 43DE accidental innuendo
24 Pittsburgh (12-4) 34ILB, 34DT, OG, ROT, LOT HarrisburgCowboyFan
25 Denver (8-8) RB, 43DT, WR, QB, ILB, FS, SS, CB, 43DE Allan Uy
26 Houston (10-6) WR, ROT, LOT, 34DT, 34OLB, FS, CB I am Ironman!!!
27 New England (13-3) WR, OG, C, CB, 34DT, 43DT, 34OLB, 43OLB, FS ziggy19
28 Green Bay (15-1) 34OLB, FS, SS, CB, C, OG DannyPhantom
29 Baltimore (12-4) SILB, FS, OC, LOT, OG, 34OLB, SS, CB, 34DE, WR orli
30 San Francisco (13-3) OG, ROT, WR, C, RB, 34DE, FS MicThaRock
31 New England (13-3) WR, OG, C, CB, 34DT, 43DT, 34OLB, 43OLB, FS ziggy19
32 NY Giants (9-7) ILB, LOT, ROT, RB, CB, SS, 43DE, 43OLB Invictus XI (BBI)

The draft needs section is taking from Do not feel married to these needs as they are simply that site's opinions of what positions are needed in what priority. While I agree with most I do not agree with all and I'm sure you may differ as well.


Here's a sample of a community mock thread from last year's exercise. The actual selection and the "Why The Pick" section are what you'll need to worry about. I'll complete the rest. This was a lot of fun last year. I can't wait to see what you can come up with after some free agency action.

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