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BTB's Writer's 2012 Mock Draft: Round One Picks 1-8 Plus Community Mock News

The BTB Writer's Mock gets underway with the first eight picks of 2012.
The BTB Writer's Mock gets underway with the first eight picks of 2012.

While we were taking volunteers to field our BTB Community Mock, my fellow front-pagers and I were getting our own Mock Draft activity under way. O.C.C., Rabble, Archie, Tom and Coty have joined me in being assigned each of the 32 first round slots and making GM decisions for the teams in question.

Fortunately, we've had a week of free agency to help shovel in some initial holes, unlike last year, so teams aren't using the draft to fill their biggest needs.

Now while the community mock will only cover the first round, we're probably going to take the writer's mock as far as it can go, since it moves at a much quicker pace. Last year, we successfully completed two rounds. Each article will feature eight selections at a time, and you'll have your chance to vote on which selection you think was the best for the specific team.

Without further ado, here are the first eight picks from the 2012 Writer's Mock Draft.

Draft Pick Team 2011 Record Assigned Writer Selection
1 Indianapolis (2-14) OCC QB Andrew Luck
2 Washington (5-11) Coty QB RG III
3 Minnesota (3-13) KD LOT Matt Kalil
4 Cleveland (4-12) Tom WR Justin Blackmon
5 Tampa Bay (4-12) Archie CB Morris Claiborne
6 St. Louis (2-14) Rabble RB Trent Richardson
7 Jacksonville (5-11) Coty OT Riley Reiff
8 Miami (6-10) Archie QB Ryan Tannehill

Follow the jump for pick justifications from each writer, as well as some IMPORTANT INFO on the BTB Community Mock process, including dates and how to submit your picks.

O.C.C.'s pick

Indy: Stanford QB Andrew Luck

I was sorely tempted to pick RGIII for the Colts, just to mess with CotySaxman who has the next pick and has probably already prepared an extensive write-up on RGIII. But Luck it is. Even with Luck, the Colts will likely need a while before they are relevant again as they embark on a major rebuilding project. But at least they have a franchise QB to help get them started.

Coty's pick

Washington: Baylor QB Robert Girffin III

The Redskins have been struggling for what seems like the past couple decades due largely to their lack of a franchise quarterback. The trade to get here made headlines; no surprises here.

KD's pick

Minnesota: USC LT Matt Kalil

After failing to acquire more picks for the #3 slot, the Vikes decide to go with the best tackle prospect in years. They may not really believe in their quarterback solution, but they at least believe in protecting their investment. Kalil should give them the blindside protection to give Christian Ponder all the time in the world to prove he doesn't belong.

Tom's pick

Cleveland: Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon

It was a very close call between him and Morris Claiborne. On my last Averaging the Mocks, they are just about a toss up for BPA, so neither could be considered a mistake. Since the team looks to have a little more need on offense, Blackmon gets the nod here.

Archie's pick

Tampa Bay: LSU CB Morris Claiborne

Even though the Bucs signed cornerback Eric Wright in free agency, Claiborne is the BPA on the board. He is the best cornerback in the draft and a great pick to upgrade the Bucs secondary. Trent Richardson was another option here, but this time the elite cornerback trumps the elite running back.

Rabble's pick

St. Louis: Alabama RB Trent Richardson

Rams take running back Trent Richardson. After feverishly working to broker a trade, St. Louis takes the best player on the board, and the best collegiate runner since Adrian Peterson. Richardson will team up with Stephen Jackson to take a lot of pressure off of franchise QB Sam Bradford.

Coty's pick

Jacksonville: Iowa OT Riley Reiff

After witnessing Gabbert's struggles remaining upright in the pocket, Jacksonville decides to bolster their offensive line. With the signing of a deep threat receiver in Laurent Robinson, Gabbert will need more time in the pocket. Reiff will be drafted to play right tackle, but can eventually develop into a left tackle, giving the Jaguars flexibility in the future.

Archie's pick

Miami: Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins are considering Matt Flynn, but are out of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. Tannehill gives them a franchise quarterback to begin building around. If they did sign Flynn, I would make a defensive pick here. (Flynn has since signed with Seattle)



Over the weekend, we took assignments for the BTB Community Mock here. We will try to get these done one per day. This is where I will present a full work-up of each of the top candidates. The community mocker will be responsible for emailing me between 1-3 paragraphs on why they made that specific pick. I will provide a wrap-up of evaluations on said player. This will be one per day and move quickly, so you MUST EMAIL ME SO I CAN LET YOU KNOW THE PRIOR PICK TO YOU AS SOON AS IT COMES IN.

Email me now at

Subject Line: BTB MOCK [Your BTB Name] [Your Mock Pick Number]

ex: BTB MOCK n8dgr8 Pick #1

I am aiming to post the first community pick on Wednesday, March 21st. If you get skipped over for lack of response, I did what I could to give you a window to respond. A lot of you don't have emails in your profiles so I can't hold up the show. "n8dgr8" this means you bud. You have to show up with your selection by midday tmrw or I will have to make it for you.

I appreciate your compliance and remember, don't re-enact scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen.

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