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Dallas Cowboys Doomsday Draft Scenario: What Happens If They're All Gone?

Nope, he didn't make it to 14 either.
Nope, he didn't make it to 14 either.

The combine is over, and save for the pro days of some currently injured prospects, we know just about everything there is to know about this crop of potential NFLers.

They've been poked, prodded, interviewed and drilled from all directions, and the world now has a set of measurable to augment the (at least) two or three years of game film. The issue with game film is that you have to take into account the system a collegian played in, the players around him, the opponents he accrued his accolades against. The issue with measurables is that, well, there are no systems, teammates or opponents.

Regardless, by now we all have our pet cats; the one player that we'd sit back and say "They got it absolutely right" if Dallas walked away from the first round with them as the newest Cowboy. Some of you like supplementing the offensive talent, specifically the interior line. Others want to fix the Achilles heel of the team, the defense; at any of the three levels.

Which is correct? In all honesty, it will take at least six months, and maybe years, to know who is right, right now. In reality though, if we think a player is going to be a good pick at #14, then there is a distinct possibility that the teams picking ahead of the Cowboys could hold an interest in each of them.

So then what does Dallas do? What happens if they're all gone by the time we get on the clock?

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You know the names: David DeCastro, Dre Kirkpatrick, Quinton Coples and most recently Dontari Poe. There are several names constantly associated with Dallas as the hopeful 14th selection.

Envision this doomsday scenario. Ryan Tannehill doesn't impress enough at his Pro Day to be a top 15 pick. Trent Richardson drops because, well, he's a running back. Then the wide receivers slide. Are any of these scenarios out of the question? Haven't we seen them all play out over the last few years? What if the top 13 picks develop as such:

1 - Colts: Andrew Luck

2 - Browns: Griffin III

3 - Minnesota: Matt Kalil

4 - St. Louis: Morris Claiborne

5 - Tampa Bay: Luke Kuechly

6 - Washington: Dre Kirkpatrick

7 - Jacksonville: Quinton Coples

8 - Miami: Melvin Ingram

9 - Carolina: David DeCastro

10 - Buffalo: Riley Reiff

11 - KC: Dontari Poe

12 - Seattle: Whitney Mercilus

13 - Arizona: Janoris Jenkins

Rut roh. Dallas you're on the clock.

Do you go for an OLB prospect that might not be as high on your draft board, such as Courtney Upshaw or Nick Perry (obviously I have no clue where Dallas has them ranked currently)? Go ahead and pull the trigger on a Center and snag Peter Konz? Or do they truly pick BPA and take a player that they don't need?

This exercise isn't meant to strike fear into your hearts; ok maybe a little. But it stemmed from my belief that Dallas fans should probably prepare themselves that DeCastro is off the board. People that want to see him picked seem to rationalize that #14 is the absolute first spot he would ever be taken, which is kind of silly.

What would you do? Vote in the poll and talk it out in the comments section. Tell us how you're making lemonade out of lemons.

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