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BTB's Writer's 2012 Mock Draft: Round One Picks 17-24; Cowboys On Clock Again

BTB Writer's Mock Picks 17-24
BTB Writer's Mock Picks 17-24

Our Writer's Mock returns with it's third installment, selections 17 through 24. While our Dallas Cowboys were originally slotted at 14, a trade down to pick up an extra second and a fifth-rounder has Dallas sitting at number 24 hoping all of their like-graded prospects aren't gone by the time they hit the clock.

Surprisingly, at least to some, there was plenty of support for Dallas' trade down. Some supported the move because their specific pet cat was taken off the board; others because they appreciated the haul and the value in having three picks in the top 56. Of course, there were dissenting opinions from those with pet cats still on the board and those weary of leaving the top 20, where the first round grades might presumably end.

Regardless, here we are with our next eight picks, for your review.

Draft Pick Team Assigned Writer Selection
17 Cincinnati Archie CB Janoris Jenkins
18 San Diego Coty DL Michael Brockers
19 Chicago Coty DE Whitney Mercilus
20 Tennessee Archie DE Nick Perry
21 Cincinnati Archie OG Cordy Glenn
22 Cleveland Tom DE Courtney Upshaw
23 Detroit Rabble CB Stephon Gilmore
24* Dallas Rabble DE Fletcher Cox

Follow the jump to see the rationale behind the selections from each of the assigned GMs.

Archie's Pick

Cincinnati: CB Janoris Jenkins

The Bengals were interested in moving up for Trent Richardson or David DeCastro, but it just would have cost them too much to move up. There are character concerns with Jenkins, but the Bengals have no problem overlooking character for talent. Losing Jonathan Joseph in free agency last year was a huge loss. Now they have a pair of top notch cornerbacks in Jenkins and Leon Hall. Jenkins is one of the most talented players in the draft, and we are delighted to land him 17th overall.

Coty's Pick

San Diego: DL Michael Brockers

With two big bodies leaving their 3-4 Defensive Line, the San Diego Chargers look to add size. With Dontari Poe gone, they select Michael Brockers.

Coty's Pick

Chicago: DE Whitney Mercilus

The Chicago Defense is getting older. With Julius Peppers continuing to dominate the sack column, Chicago looks to provide him some help, and eventually replace him, with the selection of Whitney Mercilus. Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford immediately take out life insurance.

Archie's Pick

Tennessee: DE Nick Perry

I thought Perry would have been long gone by now, but he is still on the board. The Titans just signed Kamerion Wimbley to upgrade their pass rush, but they still need another rusher. Derrick Morgan has been held back by injuries and hasn't been a great pick for them. Perry gives the Titans two good pass rushers and it allows them to get back to rushing the passer. Nick Perry wants to play in a 4-3, so this is a perfect fit.

Archie's Pick

Cincinnati: OG Cordy Glenn

Mark Barron, Lamar Miller and Stephen Hill were all legitimate options here, but the Bengals really need an upgrade at the guard position. This is also a case where the best available player on the board fits a position of need. Glenn looks like a dominating guard on the NFL level. This is a great value for the Bengals and it allows them to focus on finding a running back or wide receiver in the second round.

Tom's Pick

Cleveland: DE Courtney Upshaw

After going offense on their first pick, the team takes a player to help on the other side of the ball, and Upshaw is the best defensive player at this point on more than one board. The team needs help almost everywhere, so going BPA just makes the most sense.

Rabble's Pick

Detroit: CB Stephon Gilmore

After losing CB Eric Wright and re-signing LT Jeff Backus, the Lions top priority becomes clear: they need to shore up the cornerback position, where they were exposed against Green Bay and New Orleans. Gilmore, who has legit NFL size and athleticism, is the obvious choice.

Rabble's Pick

Dallas: Fletcher Cox

The player the Cowboys were targeting at #14 is still there at 24, causing Jerry Jones to dance around the war room like those animated skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts. With the trade back, Dallas has the picks to address soft roster spots--CB, OC and OG, and perhaps even OLB--in rounds two and three, where those positions are strong.


So Dallas ends up with the player that's been rumored to them over the last 10 days, and still ends up with an additional second rounder. For those that support Cox to Dallas, this would seem to be a great scenario. What's your take on it, and the other seven picks in this installment?

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