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BTB's Writer's 2012 Mock Draft: Round One Conclusion

2012 BTB Writer's Mock Draft: Picks 25-32
2012 BTB Writer's Mock Draft: Picks 25-32

Our writer's mock concludes the first round now with selections 25-32. The Cowboys got the man that's been associated with them in numerous other mock drafts, DE Fletcher Cox, but also came away with an additional second and fifth-round pick in tow. It was crafty draft maneuvering by Rabblerousr, and we'll see how he parlays those picks once we reach the second round, which is underway behind the magic curtain.

In the meantime, we need to finish off the first round. There are still plenty of well-known names sitting in the crowd waiting on their monikers to be called. Let's see who found a first-round home.

25 Denver OCC DE Devon Still
26 Houston Rabble OT Mike Adams
27 New England KD LB Zach Brown
28 Green Bay Tom S Mark Barron
29 Baltimore Archie LB Don'ta Hightower
30 San Francisco Coty C Peter Konz
31 New England KD WR Stephen Hill
32 NY Giants Coty DE Andre Branch

Follow the jump to see the rationale behind the selections from each of the assigned GMs.

OCC's Pick

Denver: Devon Still

With Peyton Manning now in Denver, a wide receiver like Kendall Wright (who is still available here) is currently a popular choice for Denver. But the Broncos need a defensive tackle in a bad way. Denver is ecstatic when they see Still fall all the way to 25th, as Still will allow the Broncos to free up Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller to apply even more pressure.

Rabble's Pick

Houston: Mike Adams

The Houston Texans select Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State. With the recent loss of right tackle Eric Winston, the Texans must work to shore up the offensive line that paved the way for Arian Foster in 2011. Adams is a huge man with good feet who can start at right tackle and then, with some seasoning, move to the left side in a year or two.

KD's Pick

New England: Zach Brown

The Patriots, with a desperate need at linebacker, just can't pass up on the only 4-3 outside backer with a first-round grade. Zach Brown amazed at the combine, running a 4.5 amongst other athletic feats, proving his ability to float from sideline to sideline and stay with the tight ends of the new NFL. He then bettered that at the Carolina Pro Day, running a 4.47, registering a 35" vertical and 22 bench press reps. Often dropping into coverage, he'll get plenty of practice against top tier tight ends as the Pats prepare to face copy cats.

Tom's Pick

Green Bay: Mark Barron

The top two needs for Green Bay were OLB and safety, and with Zach Brown taken just ahead of them, the pick was almost automatic. The Packers are not scared off by his hernia issues in taking the highest rated safety in the draft.

Archie's Pick

Baltimore: Don'ta Hightower

Mark Barron was going to be the pick here and I almost regret not trading up for him. I am pleased to get Hightower here for a few reasons. He is the best player available and he fits a need. The Ravens need a future replacement for Ray Lewis. Hightower could possibly be a outside rush linebacker in their 3-4 defense. The benefit of the added versatility also pushed me towards selecting Hightower.

Coty's Pick

San Francisco: C Peter Konz

With needs at Guard, Center, and Tackle, San Francisco selects the 6'5, 314 pound Konz, who has the size and versatility to play Center, Guard or even Right Tackle. San Francisco has dedicated numerous draft picks to its offensive line, and will continue to use that formula, as it's paid off nicely thus far. Konz will start somewhere on their line in 2012. Andre Branch was also a strong consideration, but the overall defensive strength of the unit made Konz the greater need.

KD's Pick

New England: WR Stephen Hill

6'5". 200 lbs. Ran a 4.36 at the scouting combine. Despite signing Brandon Lloyd, Anthony Gonzalez and the expected return of Wes Welker, New England just can't resist providing Tom Brady with this toy. An immaculate offense just gets silly with the addition of a player that will fly past and outjump any corner in the league. With the route running of Welker, the best hands in football in Lloyd, and the two-tight end duo of Hernandez and Gronkowski, Hill provides the deep threat that could lead New England to another undefeated season.

Coty's Pick

Giants: DE Andre Branch

With the final pick of the first round, the Giants surprise everyone (or no one) by selecting a pass-rushing prospect. Given their recent experience with Jason Pierre-Paul, the Giants are hopeful to strike gold again with a questionable line player. Given their luck, this will almost certainly work for them. Meanwhile, they will continue to allow their offensive line to progress toward retirement, and play UDFAs and backup linemen at the linebacker spots.


Round One Recap

Draft Pick Team 2011 Record Position Needs (by priority) Assigned Writer Selection
1 Indianapolis (2-14) 34DT, CB, QB, WR,ROT, OG, TE, LOT, OC, 34DE, 34OLB, FS, SS OCC QB Andrew Luck
2 Washington (5-11) QB, CB, ROT, OG, ILB, FS, SS Coty QB RG III
3 Minnesota (3-13) LOT, SS, CB, WR, OG, 43OLB, ILB, FS KD LOT Matt Kalil
4 Cleveland (4-12) WR, ROT, RB, OG, 43OLB, CB, SS, TE, QB, 43DE Tom WR Justin Blackmon
5 Tampa Bay (4-12) C, RB, CB, ROT, ILB, 43OLB, FS Archie CB Morris Claiborne
6 St. Louis (2-14) 43DT, 43OLB, CB, WR, LOT, C, G, RB Rabble RB Trent Richardson
7 Jacksonville (5-11) CB, WR, ROT, 43DE, RB, QB Coty OT Riley Reiff
8 Miami (6-10) WR, QB, ROT, OG, TE, 43DE, FS, SS, CB, 43OLB, ILB, Archie QB Ryan Tannehill
9 Carolina (6-10) 43DT, WR, OG, ROT, ILB, CB, 43OLB, FS, SS, RB Tom DE Melvin Ingram
10 Buffalo (6-10) 43DE, 43OLB, LOT, WR, TE, ROT, CB KD DE Quinton Coples
11 Kansas City (7-9) ROT, 34DT, QB, LOT, TE, CB Rabble DT Dontari Poe
12 Seattle (7-9) QB, 43DE, 43OLB, ILB, RB, OG OCC WR Michael Floyd
13 Arizona (8-8) LOT, OC, 34OLB, CB, OG, ROT, SILB, WR, FS, SS, QB OCC OG David DeCastro
14 Pittsburgh (12-4) 34ILB, 34DT, OG, ROT, LOT OCC LB Luke Keuchly
15 Philadelphia (8-8) ILB, 43OLB, OG, RB, WR, ROT, OC, 43DT, CB, TE KD CB Dre Kirkpatrick
16 NY Jets (8-8) ROT, 34OLB, SS, FS, CB, WR, OG, 34DT, C, RB Tom OT Jonathan Martin
17 Cincinnati (9-7) CB, RB, WR, OG, FS, 43OLB, 43DE, SS Archie CB Janoris Jenkins
18 San Diego (8-8) ROT, OG, CB, SS, 34OLB, TE, WR, 34DT, 34DE, ILB Coty DL Michael Brockers
19 Chicago (8-8) LOT, 43DE, CB, TE, WR, 43OLB, OG, ILB, SS, RB Coty DE Whitney Mercilus
20 Tennessee (9-7) 43DE, CB, C, FS, SS, G, WR, TE, 43DT, 43OLB Archie DE Nick Perry
21 Cincinnati (9-7) CB, RB, WR, OG, FS, 43OLB, 43DE, SS Archie OG Cordy Glenn
22 Cleveland (4-12) WR, ROT, RB, OG, 43OLB, CB, SS, TE, QB, 43DE Tom DE Courtney Upshaw
23 Detroit (10-6) CB, LOT, OC, OG, ROT, FS, 43DE Rabble CB Stephon Gilmore
24 Dallas (8-8) CB, 34DT, 34DE, 34OLB, ILB, FS, SS, C, OG Rabble DE Fletcher Cox
25 Denver (8-8) RB, 43DT, WR, QB, ILB, FS, SS, CB, 43DE OCC DE Devon Still
26 Houston (10-6) WR, ROT, LOT, 34DT, 34OLB, FS, CB Rabble OT Mike Adams
27 New England (13-3) WR, OG, C, CB, 34DT, 43DT, 34OLB, 43OLB, FS KD LB Zach Brown
28 Green Bay (15-1) 34OLB, FS, SS, CB, C, OG Tom S Mark Barron
29 Baltimore (12-4) SILB, FS, OC, LOT, OG, 34OLB, SS, CB, 34DE, WR Archie LB Don'ta Hightower
30 San Francisco (13-3) OG, ROT, WR, C, RB, 34DE, FS Coty C Peter Konz
31 New England (13-3) WR, OG, C, CB, 34DT, 43DT, 34OLB, 43OLB, FS KD WR Stephen Hill
32 NY Giants (9-7) ILB, LOT, ROT, RB, CB, SS, 43DE, 43OLB Coty DE Andre Branch

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