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Cowboys News And Notes: Proud Papa Romo Edition

I bet the smile on his face is even bigger now that he is a dad!
I bet the smile on his face is even bigger now that he is a dad!

First off, congratulations to Candice and Tony Romo on the birth of their son Hawkins! As reported at the Dallas Cowboys site:

Hawkins Crawford Romo was born - eight pounds and eight ounces - on Monday at 5:30 p.m. At least Monday was the ninth day of April.

The family reported both Hawkins, and his mother Candice are doing well.

I may not be able to get one from the new father, but I'm smoking a cigar in his honor anyway.

OK, enough touchy-feely, keep-your-proper-perspective stuff. Back to football, the Dallas Cowboys, and total unreasonableness.

Jason Witten has added his endorsement to the free agent acquisitions this year.

Witten is excited for a 2012 season that will feature a made over Cowboys team, featuring a class of seven new free agents who Witten believes will go a long way in helping the team compete against the reigning champs.

"In my nine years, this is probably the most aggressive that we've been," Witten said. "And just filling needs, it's probably the best that we've done. As a player, not that they ask, I think it's been awesome to see the additions we have. They're the right type of guys that fit into your locker room and they're eager to work."

More serious and not so serious Cowboys news after the jump.

Bradie James tweeted that he is looking to sign with someone soon.

I hope he gets a good situation with a team that can use him. (Josh Ellis of the mothership guessed he would go to the Dolphins, possibly because of the well worn trail from Dallas to Miami.)

Speaking of tweets, there was this:

But I digress.

Calvin Watkins takes a look at five Cowboys for whom the draft could spell doom - or at least a loss of their spot on the roster. Some seem obvious, while others not so much. His list: Kenyon Coleman, Felix Jones, Marcus Spears, Phil Costa and Kevin Ogletree. The argument he makes is that each of these players will put at risk if the team finds the right players in the draft. He sees all of them as expendable, and more or less insurance for the team.

Of the five, Felix Jones might be the one that seems most surprising, but Dan Graziano thinks there is something to the idea of replacing him. He starts with the fact that Dallas invited Doug Martin from Boise State in for a visit, and figures that it was for a reason.

Would be quite a fall for Jones, from starter in September 2011 to looking for a job in the summer of 2012. But it gives you some idea what the Cowboys think about him. He did an okay job filling in for Murray after Murray got hurt last year, but the offense tailed off considerably with Jones as the lead back. It may be that they believe they need someone or something different in that role -- or that they'd like to give Tanner more carries. Certainly, if you see them draft a running back in the top half of the draft, you have to think Jones is at least in trouble.

I think there is a strong chance the Cowboys are actively looking to find a replacement for Felix. His future with the team, like the others Watkins mentioned, may be very dependent on what the team is able to do in the draft. As fans, we likely should be hoping for the players to leave, because that would mean the team thought it had found better options to bring in.

By the way, this little trick of embedding tweets is sure fun to play with.

There was one player that Watkins left off his "on the bubble" list, and that is Stephen McGee. Rainer Sabin at the Dallas Morning News thinks his future is already in jeopardy.

But if there were ever any doubt that McGee is no further along in his career than he was his rookie season, it was erased when the Cowboys re-acquired Rudy Carpenter last week.

I don't think you can argue that, and I fully expect to see at least one quarterback come in as an UDFA as well.

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One of the things that has been noticeably lacking this year is a sign that the team is interested in drafting for the defensive line. Fletcher Cox was brought in, but he seems to be the only early round prospect the team is looking at. Back at the mothership, Rob Phillips looks into the defensive line and what the team may or may not be doing there.

The Cowboys have drafted one defensive lineman (Marcus Spears) in the first round since converting to a 3-4 defense in 2005. They've selected only six total since 2005 (Spears, Chris Canty, Ratliff, Hatcher, Sean Lissemore, Josh Brent) and only two since 2006 (Lissemore, Brent).

By design or coincidence, the D-Line hasn't been a high draft priority. Could that change this year?

Possibly, Jerry Jones says.

The argument of how much Jerry says is smokescreen still applies, but the group of players likely to be available around the fourteenth pick includes Quinton Coples, Michael Brockers, Fletcher Cox and Dontari Poe. All have some fans here, and the invite list is not necessarily the last word on who the team is really interested in.

There was also one tidbit buried in the article that I rather enjoyed seeing.

Clifton Geathers, signed during the 2010 season, has shown progress working with Brian Baker and assistant D-Line coach Leon Lett.

Two things come out: I think Geathers, along with Sean Lissemore and Josh Brent, are seen by the team as having a very big part to play this year in improving the effectiveness of the defense. And I am thrilled to see the Big Cat working with the young'uns. Leon got a raw deal because of a couple of moments of mental flatulence, and I hope he is very successful coaching.

That's about all I have for now. Well, except for this.

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