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DeMarcus Ware Talks Cowboys And The Draft; Likes Ingram And Branch

New year, same DeMarcus, same Washington QB initials... hopefully same celebrations.
New year, same DeMarcus, same Washington QB initials... hopefully same celebrations.

Dallas Cowboys superstar DeMarcus Ware is one of several NFL spokesmen that we can only believe is being handsomely rewarded for pitching a product that isn't easily discussed without humor. In speaking for Depends Real Fits, a product for adult incontinence, DeMarcus made himself available to Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner. Depends is donating to the V Foundation, which is an extremely worthy cause; but for now we'll move past the product advertising and get to the meat and potatoes of the interview; DeMarcus speaking on the Cowboys, his methods of preparation and some draft talk.

Obviously, for this time of the year, draft talk makes the top headlines for us.

SC: It's a pretty big draft for edge rushers in general. Do you still follow the draft and look at the prospects? Are there player in this draft class that have stood out to you?

DW: I actually look at a lot of the guys, and some of their techniques. I'm a big critic on stance, and explosion, and how they bend the corner. There are a lot of good edge-rushers out there, and they're going to be really good in the league this year.

SC: Well, I haven't seen anyone in this class with your 'dip-and-rip,' so you're pretty safe there. But who do you like this year? Who stands out to you?

DW: I like Andre Branch from Clemson, number 40. Melvin Ingram from South Carolina. These guys -- as pass rushers, they're not little. They're big guys, but they're really quick, so there are some bigger rushers coming out this year.

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Farrar also brought up DeMarcus' own draft experience, back in 2005 when he was coming out of little-known Troy University in Alabama. As most Cowboys fans are aware, Dallas had two first round draft picks that season, but they made DeMarcus think that he really wasn't being considered for either.

SC: I remember writing my scouting report on Troy defensive end Jonathan Massaquoi, and mentioning that you put Troy on the map to a certain degree when it came to scouting draft prospects. When you look back to your draft day, and the teams you talked to, did you expect to go to the Cowboys, or were there other teams really in the hunt for you?

DW: You know, the Cowboys were really penciled out, because I had a visit scheduled to go there ... I went to Kansas City, Carolina, and San Diego ... and the last visit was supposed to be with the Cowboys, but they cancelled. They had Shawne Merriman in the week before, and it was like, 'Well, I think we have our guy.' I hadn't even gone on the visit yet, so I just penciled them out. But on draft day, all of a sudden, they give me a call, and bam -- there it was. So, I guess Bill Parcells knew exactly what he was doing.

Well I guess that's looking at it differently than so many BTBers like to remember it. In another section of the interview, Ware remembers the defenses' 2011 performance a bit differently than most of us do as well. When comparing Wade Phillip's defense in Houston with Rob Ryan's performance last year he said, "Houston was really good last year, we were really good last year..." DeMarcus, love ya man... but no, you weren't. You were, Sean Lee was, Lissemore in limited snaps and Ratliff and Jenkins contributed. As a unit, though? Let's move on.

Regardless, he knows the team needs to improve, that is without question. He believes they are primed to do so.

SC: You've been a dominant player since you were taken 11th overall in the 2005 draft. But people have expected a Super Bowl from the Cowboys throughout that whole time, and there is some disappointment heard in a lot of quarters when talking about the franchise. Where does the Dallas Cowboys organization stand right now? How ready is your team to take that big push forward?

DW: I think this team ... this is my eighth year with them, and this is the most complete team we've had. We've got the great coaching staff from last year, carrying over to this year. We have the total offseason, there's not a lockout, and that team camaraderie we had last year, we have even more this year. That's what we were really missing last year. When you look at the great teams, at the end of the day, everybody has a lot of great players on their teams. But it's about how you play together in pressure situations. I think we can really build that team camaraderie this offseason, and that will get us ready for the season.

DeMarcus has seen a lot in those eight years, and when it comes to accomplishments on the field, even he knows it's time to see some postseason success. At the end of the day, however, he knows the real reward, win or lose in the battle, lies in life outside of football.

SC: It's amazing how you can mess people up on the football field, and then you go home, and your life is dictated by a four-year-old.

DW: Yeah, right! And I think that's really the true value -- you get out there, and you work hard, but at the end of the day, does that really matter? I mean, what's important? The most important thing is your kids -- taking care of the and leaving that legacy. If you have a bad day at work, you get home and you hear, 'Daddy.' They're smiling that innocent smile, and everything else goes to the wayside.


How about some video of the prospects that DeMarcus likes at edge rusher?

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