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Cowboys And NFL News And Notes On Draft Eve

325 pounds of early fan disappointment? LSU's redshirt sophmore Michael Brockers might just be the Dallas selection at #14. How will you feel about it?
325 pounds of early fan disappointment? LSU's redshirt sophmore Michael Brockers might just be the Dallas selection at #14. How will you feel about it?

So, Little KD decided that we weren't interested in getting sleep last night. He's a funny little dude; as designated parent would drift to sleep, wide awake baby would let out a full-lung coo (a word I learned on a doctor's office questionnaire) and then laugh as we woke up to him staring us in the face. Cute right? Not at two in the morning, or two-fifteen, or two-thirty... you get the point.

So it was off to the NFL Network we went, to hear the latest and greatest as we inch closer to tomorrow night's first round of the NFL draft.

On whatever show was on at the time, they discussed team needs and claimed with some authority that Dallas was deciding between Alabama S Mark Barron and LSU DE Michael Brockers. While Barron has become the darling of all mock drafts for the Cowboys at 14, Brockers is nowhere near as widely accepted. In fact, he's probably seen as a disappointing consolation prize to most here on BTB. Watching one of the numerous scrolls, NFLN's Charles Davis mocks Brockers to us.

In truth, a lot of Brockers backlash has more to do with his school than him. Cowboys fans have been disappointed by the play of Marcus Spears, just as other NFL fans have lost faith in Glenn Dorsey, and Tyson Jackson; other LSU defensive line studs that didn't become stars in the league. While Brockers has a certain "defensive" Tyron Smith appeal to him (age/athleticism potential) if he is the selection it probably will not be met with universal cheer by Cowboys fans.

Unrelated NFL Network note: In watching Welcome to the NFL, Rookie 2011 - I heard rookie Patrick Peterson make fun of Dez Bryant by stating "he ain't got nothing but three routes". Yikes. Bryant didn't have a bad game but received 14 targets, by far the most he received all season (by 5), and 8 catches for 86 yards and a touchdown. Six yards a target isn't really where you want to be. Regardless, having a rookie clown your knowledge of the route tree can never be considered a good thing. Make it happen in 2012 Dez, please.

Follow the jump for more Cowboys and NFL News on the eve of the draft.

Sean Lee discusses the team on Cowboys Corner | Galloway & Company

Sean Lee sat down for a few to discuss voluntary workouts, the draft and Cowboys leadership. Click the headline to launch the audio player so you can hear the interview.

Cowboys, Chargers in talks for joint practices |

Once the curtain lifts on the preseason, the two Week 2 opponents could be looking at getting some practice sessions in against the enemy like they did last season at Valley Ranch.

DeMarcus Ware lauds Giants' late-season swagger | Sporting News

All-world linebacker Ware says that the way the Giants players pulled together and played for each other was the defining moment in their making it to another championship. Sounds like he wishes Dallas had some of that.

Overrated 2012 Draft Prospects | KC Joyner (ESPN Insider)

The Football Scientist poured some cold water on some of the first round prospects; indicating teams might be disappointed with the returns if they select Claiborne (LSU), Wright (Baylor) Allen (Clemson), Floyd (Notre Dame), or Perry (USC). He also gave some honorable mentions to QB Tannehill, CB Kirkpatrick and WR Blackmon.

Packers To Cut Nick Collins | ESPN

After suffering a devastating neck injury last year, Nick Collins is on the verge of being released in Green Bay, according to his agent via ESPN Wisconsin (there's an ESPN Wisconsin?). According to the agent, Collins healing process is going well. Might be worth a tire kick for Dallas, since Collins made three straight Pro Bowls before the injury season.

Eagles Trade Samuel To Falcons |

Well, it appears Tony Romo will be throwing into a tough secondary Week 9. Brent Grimes signed his franchise tender today, and the Falcons have negotiated a new, three-year $18.5 million contract to facilitate a trade with the Philly Eagles. Supposedly, the Eagles will receive a sixth rounder, but plenty of cap space (not that they need it) to get rid of Samuel.

The problem in Philly was they need to pay DRC and he doesn't play the slot well; they want to play press coverage with he and Asomugha on the outside.

2 Draft Prospects Failed Drug Tests At Combine | Jay Glazer

Maaaan, Jayron Hosley was one of my favorite cornerbacks in the draft; but I can't forgive the stupidity of failing a drug test with so much on the line. I will say, I don't know which level of testing the NFL uses, but if it's urine, you have no excuse for failing a test. If they surprise you with a hair follicle test or something than maybe I cut you some slack. Regardless-- grrr..

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