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Todd McShay's 7-Round Mock Deals Cowboys Intriguing Prospects

Janoris Jenkins in the second? Would Jason Garrett really go there? Inquiring minds want to know.
Janoris Jenkins in the second? Would Jason Garrett really go there? Inquiring minds want to know.

It's go time for mock drafts of all kinds, and the authors are not disappointing. Early today, ESPN's Todd McShay released his seven-round mock behind ESPN Insider's pay wall. Now, some of his mock was discussed publicly on Mike and Mike in the morning, including his giving the Minnesota Vikings LSU CB Morris Claiborne instead of USC LT Matt Kalil as has been the case for most mocks this offseason. The ripple effect gave Dallas a cornucopia of choices that BTB fans might swoon and faint over: Quinton Coples, Fletcher Cox, David DeCastro, Mark Barron, Michael Brockers, and Melvin Ingram were all still available at #14.

What? Sign me up, Todd.

The winner? None other than the constant, Alabama S Mark Barron. Are there more than 5 no-trade-clause mocks in existence that aren't giving Barron to Dallas?

Follow the jump to see the remainder of the picks he's assigned to the Cowboys.

In Round Two, Todd McShay ignores all this hullabaloo about right-kind-of-guys and gives troubled cornerback from North Alabama, CB Janoris Jenkins. That pick would cause a lot of discussion on Friday evening in Cowboys land.

Round Three sees Dallas drop to the bottom of the 8-8 team rotation, selecting 18th in the round. McShay has them taking speedy WR/KR Joe Adams from Arkansas.

With two picks in Round Four, McShay has Dallas walking away with Akiem Hicks, DT Regina (Canada) at pick #113, and then James Hanna, TE from Oklahoma with the compensatory pick at the end of the round.

Round 5: Senio Kelemente, G, Washington

Round 6: Chris Rainey, RB, Florida

Round 7: Tim Fugger, OLB, Vanderbilt

So if this ended up being Dallas' haul, what would your take be? Janoris Jenkins is a big-risk move for Big D. There also seem to be a couple reaches in there, especially the third-round and two fourth round picks who are projected to go much alter in the draft. Answer the poll and share your opinions in the comments section.

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